NRL 2023 Finals Week 2 Discussion

Big Willie slaps back

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It takes the bunker to remind the ref that them touching it is a mutual infringement.
Good win by the Wahs but the Knights didn't really put up much of a fight IMO, the Knights were done last week and fell over the line to win against the Raiders
The other thing is, Newcastle have Ponga and Young, and sometimes Best and Gamble and that is it.

We have Walsh, Reynolds, Mam, Haas, Farnworth, Staggs, Cobbo, Carrigan and a freaking amazing bench. Do not worry, we are a completely different proposition for the Warriors. They have SJ, AFB, DWZ and that's about it. Shut down SJ and you shut down them. If they shut down Walsh, we still have Reynolds and Mam.
It's SJ and CNK for me... CNK is always on the back of the sweeping movements.

They looked a different team when CNK was in and out of the team at the backend of the year.

AFB is obviously a threat all the time... and Tohu brings great ball playing through the middle, but our middles will be looking to challenge them.

One thing that does get us in trouble are the small mobile middles... Sele, Havili and Erin Clarke, have all troubled us in the past. Dylan Walker has been great this year, and they'll be doubling up on the small middles with Jazz as well. Their bench is very small though
I was thinking before this game that the warriors run has been a lot like the Broncis 06 run …. And now they’ve also smashed the knights.

Really hope that’s where the similarities end.
Not really, The Broncos were expected to beat the Dragons first round, the Broncos lost. Quite the opposite with expectations of minor premiers Panthers and a Warriors side missing SJ, can't think of many people who were backing the Warriors.
for any of the stats Guru's ... I'd be interested to know how often the Top 4 teams are the actual 4 playing in the prelims
2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023 since the current system.

I don't think it ever happened before 2012.
Best performance from a side this finals series. Not sure what they beat though. We will find out next Saturday I guess.
Our performance to completely shut out Melbourne was far more impressive.
I thought you guys didn't play your best tbh and Melbourne was putrid. Backed up by last night. Says a bit about you guys though. Both play your best you will be to good for them.

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