NOT CROSS FORUM NRL 2023 Round 23 Discussion

omfg, just had to hold the ball and keep working it back through the middle. Seriously dumb
How does Wighton stay on the field saying that to the ref!? Consistency.. not
man, that just made the Raiders look SOOOOOO bad for a top 8 team
I hope people see how much one player (Luke Brooks) makes to a very ordinary Tigers. They were getting absolutely lapped without him. He'll be a godsend for Manly.
I have watched a few games of Brooks this year and i think he will be very good for Manly.
Nate Myles - Assistant to the coach not Assistant Coach
Season 4 Dwight GIF by The Office
I'd love to see another angle of the Brooks try. From the hard camera, he looked at least half a step infront of Api.
I have no idea what he actually said, but Wighton was charged with a grade 1 contrary conduct for questioning the integrity of the ref. It's his 3rd such charge and will get a $3k with the Early guilty plea

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