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Mar 4, 2008
So, the NRL Thursday night footy show returns tonight, with their new panel member Laurie Daley :roll: i just wonder how much money they threw at him to get him onto their show from fox sports.

Personally i always liked the fox sports footy show (NRL on FOX) much better than the thursday night footy show.
i think i may too... but just because there is nothing else on that i want to watch
I work Thursday nights and nearly always have this on in the background... for the first five minutes or so if they will actually talk football.

The inclusion of Laurie is a great move, though. The show could well transform from being a Knights love-in to a Dragons and Knights love-in, of course with constant guest appearances from the riveting Mason and Gasnier.

I will watch this because I am THAT desperate for anything rugby league related. Plus Laurie's hair is always good for a laugh.
I'll have it on while I'm doing work for tomorrow. There might be something that is relatively interesting. [icon_pray.
I haven't watched this show at all for at least 3 years and before then only sporadically. Would rather do something constructive with my time or read a book than watch this drivel
I'm watching it now and I can't believe the first segment is That's Gold. Seriously, we've had an off season and they've got Hodges, Hannant and Matt Rogers in the green room and they start with That's Gold. I'm sure there's plenty to talk about...I don't know???? I'll give it ago for awhile. It's only the start, I'm a fair person. If it doesn't improve in the next few shows, I'm switching to ch7 and watching lost.

Hope I haven't spoiled it for anyone in QLD. Sorry guys.
More Bronco content in the first half hour than I saw in what I watched all last year. None of it particularly enlightening but still nice to see. Hoping for an interview with Hodgo and Hannant soon [icon_pray.
I to will watch to see what crap they come up with this year, and then no doubt switch off.

Loved Lozza's initiation [icon_lol1.
Woeful. Nothing remotely funny so far. And I'm cringing at how mush they're trying. Give it up.
The first half an hour was like watching a car crash!! Painful. It got better after that but.
When they try to be funny they're not. It's the unscripted and unplanned things that make up the laughs IMO.
An improvement to some of the shows last year. Just need to get more football content and less stupid stuff.
I didn't watch all of it... just bits and peices amongst doing my assignment (and my computer shutting down cause it has issues with the TV card).

The Section with Sammy was pretty funny... got some got pics of Sam 'Andy Symonds' Thaiday tackling/shoulder charging Luttsy the streaker (on my comp). Didn't see the whole interview with Hannant and Hodges, but good of them to get some Broncos on their finally!

Didn't seem quite as lame as last year.... Hopefully the player interview things (like what Sonny Bill was doing) goes all year, they are like intresting, although it could just be like 1 player per episode, and make the section longer (instead of having some unfootball related crap being shown).
I watch and enjoy it. I like all the interviews and segments they have on players to get a lil insight into what they are like off the field. Can't wait to see the second half of that Sonny Bill interview next week, sounds like he is really getting stuck into Big Willie. Should be alot of fireworks when the doggies play the roosters.
cam said:
I will watch this because I am THAT desperate for anything rugby league related. Plus Laurie's hair is always good for a laugh.

daley's hair not nearly as funny as past years. disappointing.
cam said:
daley's hair not nearly as funny as past years. disappointing.

Wonder if my email to him saying his hair looked like a road kill, had anything to do with it. [icon_evillaugh

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