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Tom Dearden rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on a ruptured nut. That's his career done then I guess, Wallace was never the same after it.

*looks around for weak gutted dog*

See, this is the sort of Chinese Whispers I'm not at all surprise that some "journalist" has spouted.

What I heard from the man on the street was that Timmy Dearden saw Reynolds throw a hospital pass to Riki on the weekend and busted a nut.
Cody Ramsey has been admitted to hospital battling a serious illness that could end his career.

he has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and may require surgery.

The disease causes inflammation and ulcers on the bowel and digestive tract and is often caused by an immune system malfunction.

Ramsey's mum, Kim, says:

“Cody thought it was just a bug and ran his nine-and-a-half kilometres,” she said.

“That’s where it all unravelled. His immune system was fighting something it couldn’t fix.

“The doctor originally said he might need surgery and it could end his footy career.

“I’ve never seen him so sick and in so much pain.

“Fortunately, he’s progressing now and we’re hopeful he’ll be OK to play again next season.

“He’s a tough cookie and he’ll hopefully be back in the new year.

“Footy’s important but as long as I’ve got a healthy boy ... family is everything.”

Kim also praised Dragons coach Anthony Griffin, who has been in constant contact with both her and Cody.

“You know what, that man is one in a million,”

“He has rung me every single day. He has texted Cody every single day.

“He has gone to his ward to visit him at the hospital a couple of times.

“He cares so much for all of his players and he’s treated Cody like a son.

“I can’t thank him enough. When he rings he’s never in a rush. Honestly, he’s the nicest man.”
Tommy Turbo expected to be out for up to 8 weeks. (grade 2 hamstring strain)

Seibolds training above game pace, is probably the worst thing to do for someone with Turbo's hamstrings

I'm just looking forward to seeing what happens when Seibond goes to "burn the boats" on the Northern beaches there. Some very cranky locals.
Jack Bird started training at 6, two weeks ago ... but he's injured his knee at training and needs surgery. He's aiming to be back for round 2
A couple of potentially long term injuries out of today's trials

Justin Olam has a suspected fractured forearm

Xavier Savage has a suspected serious jaw injury

Connor Watson ruptured his patella tendon during pre-season training (looking at 6 months out)

This is horrible. Surely the club is obligated to have some sort of medical insurance, a guy is potentially quadriplegic and he has to resort to a GoFundMe?

@1910 do you know anything about this. Are these players covered in any way?
Taylan May to miss the entire season due to an ACL apparently. I assume he'll serve his one match suspension in 2024.

Ricky Gervais Lol GIF
Taylan May to miss the entire season due to an ACL apparently. I assume he'll serve his one match suspension in 2024.
The precedent has been set with Staggs

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