LIVE NRL Nines 2020


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By the sounds of it luckily my game pass wasn't working, bloody stupid thing. Have just been posting on Telstra crowdsupport and by the looks of it they're having major issues.


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It’s not a great barometer but I wouldn’t have liked to see something different from the two players I named and a game plan. I guess that’s what happens when you let Ben Cross coach a team though
It's blatantly obvious nobody has any idea what to do when the ball is in their hands. They've been raving about Fifita's 9s credentials since October, and he touched the ball, what, once?
We need some speed. Have to be one of the slowest backlines in the comp.
Coates will add a bit of speed.

Ppl are putting a bit too much weight into the result at NINES in our first game. I thought our defence was great and our effort was great.
Handling wasn't good but 1st game of the year, and refs seemed to be strict on us which we should go into every game with the expectation of these days.
No structure in attack everyone is whinging about... Its the 9s! The whole concept is designed as an attempt to avoid structure.
On individual touches/performances. Dearden continues to impress, milf looks more committed in effort areas but still not extremely fit considering the hype, isaako did himself no favours at all, fifita will probably start the season slow is my prediction, croft has some nice plays and looks a pure half back, flegler looks stronger with some footwork, niu showed some talent. Dissapointed Farnsworth didn't show more, and perese didn't get a run.
All in all pretty happy with the effort. I thought it was used as a genuine trial for the nrl season rather than the boys going out to win it. Did we use many subs?


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Being reported its definatley Milfs hammy thats gone. He could well miss rd 1. Fucking nines!


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Not at all directed at your comment, but it always surprises me when people have a problem with uneven penalty counts, but then hate the evening up penalties too. Does my head in.
Fair point but it was pretty conspicuous in this game. Three of them were pretty pointless and if you are going to blow them, do it for both sides. That's all I'm saying.


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Even in a game of 9s the broncos still opt for the one out hit up. It’s etched into the broncos culture unfortunately


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Milf looks like he has weight of the world on his shoulders, and that’s in nines! Pressure isn’t going to bring the best out of him.

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