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Mar 5, 2008
So instead of creating a new thread for each and everyone of the deadshits in our game, I thought I'd start this super dooper convenient one stop thread for any player or official who finds themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Today it's Russell Packer. He's been charged with assault for breaking someone's eye socket. Good job son, you're doing us all very proud.

For those playing at home. This is the filthy **** that pissed on the field.

Newcastle Knights recruit Russell Packer charged with assault over Martin Place stoush |

NEWCASTLE Knights recruit Russell Packer has been charged following an alleged incident that left a man unconscious and with a fractured eye socket.The former Warrior, 24, attended Newcastle Police Station this afternoon where he was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and failure to quit a licensed premises.
The incident occurred at approximately 1.30am in Martin Place, Sydney, on Saturday night.
"A 22-year-old Summer Hill man was found unconscious at the scene and treated by NSW Ambulance Paramedics," NSW police said in a statement.
"He was taken to St Vincent's Hospital for treatment of a fractured eye socket."
Packer was granted conditional bail and will appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on Monday 6 January 2014.
It is not the first time Packer has hit the headlines this year over disciplinary matters.
In June, Packer was fined $15,000 for urinating in his shorts during an NRL match at Suncorp Stadium.
Packer is the fifth NRL star charged by police this week.
From the same article, we can add a couple more players to the thread already!

South Sydney centre Dylan Walker and Canterbury recruit Tyrone Phillips were charged over their alleged involvement in a violent brawl that left three men in hospital.
Manly's Richie Fa'aoso was charged on Monday with malicious damage and drink driving, while Canterbury's Reni Maitua was charged with assault for an alleged incident involving a taxi driver.
Fa'aoso is an absolute germ.
Sad state of affairs that there's so many of these incidents we can actually have a general thread to discuss them.
Too much free time on their hands.
All should face big fines and/or suspension. Packer shouldn't play NRL this year.
**** I hate that Packer, wish he'd just piss off for good
Apparently the integrity unit has already contacted Russell to advise him of his fate. When he answered a representative told him "Ur in e xtreme trouble"
this thread should be renamed "players in warm water"
I haven't got time to read the Packer stuff so excuse any redundancy.

He is almost without exception ( there are always some half troll half human forum members on any site ) being lambasted by Warriors fans.

I was a big fan of his playing style and a long time fan of Packers.....let me get on my Moral high ground high horse and say I hope he gets everything coming to him in Jail , I really do , I have no time for people who defend sports Jocks as if they are somehow not subject to the Lore of Natural Justice.

I tip my hat to the Judge and wonder what limp wristed process saw Packer tried in the community courts system and not the District court.

I guess I'm a very concrete , black and white conservative on all things violence.

I guarantee that others who haave gotten off in the past in the NRL will be looking over their shoulders at what has happened to Packer....for mine that's the whole point of the maximum sentence in this case.
Well said. Finally players getting put behind bars for what your average Joe gets is a good thing in every way. It might start to make some of these idiots realize that they are not above the law and have absolutely no entitlement to special treatment.
Willie Mason charged with drink driving while on his way to training.

what a dick.
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Willie Mason making a tool of himself of the what a shocker.

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