NRL Throwback

Imagine if the 2007 Grand Final was played under modern interpretations. Crocker would have been sent and Billy would have been lucky to stay on the field.

The crazy thing was, we just accepted it and the only fans who were upset were Manly - understandably so.

I can't remember what the obstruction interpretation was at the time. I remember it had to be fairly blatant with the opposition player hitting the deck and the player taking advantage of that space.

Then they had a crackdown that everyone hated to start 2007 and we forgot about it until Hodges scored a controversial try in the 2012 decider.

Try or no try? I'd say no try, but the officials have been extremely lenient in this department before. Two Brisbane players involved, Brisbane were by far the biggest beneficiaries of obstruction calls last year...

TRY - Benefit of the Doubt
They can have the chicken!

something to watch waiting for the game tonight
Throwback to one of the worst performances by a player and it only took a minute and a half:

The Craig Smith knock on is so epic

Great game. Especially after losing to the Dragons the week before, made you feel confident again. Also I remember some conspiracy theories how the Broncos lost to the Dragons on purpose to get on this side of the draw.

Every try feels like Deja Vu, watching the replay. However the moments that stuck with me the most is the way Lockyer received the ball at pace for the final Broncos try of the game, and Petero's face when he scored.
I know Dane Carlaw copped a lot of flak in the early 2000's from going from Tarzan to Jane, but I thought he redeemed himself somewhat in 2006, not saying he was amazing but definitely better.
Fox had the broncos v storm 2003 mini where Minto scored the winning try in golden point yesterday. I forgot how absurd that leap was 😂😂😂 hilarious.

man Locky was amazing. I took him for granted and I’m ashamed.
Throwback to one of the worst performances by a player and it only took a minute and a half:

I've heard about this so many times, but had never seen it

Bloke just imploded again and again

I think he was a touch hard done by with the dead ball thing, but man, that performance was an all-time given the context.

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