LIVE NRLW Round 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

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    Converted by Baker 24-4 just the start the Broncos wanted to the second half.
  1. Broncos error gives the Dragons an attacking set here.
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  2. Good defence but let down with giving away a penalty, Dragons really hadn't done anything in that set but they get another chance.
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    Dragons knock on, Broncos defence has been great so far in the second half.
  3. Good kick from the Broncos halfback, unlucky to not get a 40/30.
  4. Dragons nearly score out wide but a forward pass.
  5. Dragons starting to get back into this game.
  6. Haven't really got anything to show from it though so far.
  7. Broncos defence has pressured them a lot, haven't had possession but have kept the Dragons scoreless.
  8. Great work to deny the Dragons a try, Broncos will need to get out of their half though.
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  9. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Is it too early to say I'm crushing on Robinson and our number 4?
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  10. Broncos turn defence into attack!
  11. Nearly score through a grubber, 20 metre tap for the Dragons.
  12. Broncos defence in this second half has been impressive.
  13. TRY to Ali Brigginshaw well deserved.
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  14. 28-4 kick to come.
  15. 30-4
  16. Good opportunity here for the Broncos to score a late try.
  17. Knocked on so lost opportunity.
  18. broncsgoat

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    When I first heard about the women’s comp I was pretty meh about it. But that was quality. There were a lot of nice plays and massive hits.

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