LIVE NRLW Round 1 - Broncos vs Dragons

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    I like that you get to just watch a footy game without all the b/s drama you put up with in the NRL. It's even nice to hear commentators aren't dwelling on every little thing too.
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  1. ningnangnong

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    I said when the women's Origin match was on, but it reminds of watching rugby league when I was growing up - so much more open, and a lot more enjoyable for a spectator.

    There's a lot more chancing your arm as opposed to playing the percentages. Absolutely love it.

    Also, may or may not have a crush on Chelsea Lenarduzzi.
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  2. It's what I miss most from the modern game, we focus so much on every little thing that it's at the expense of the game and the critics spend so much time putting the boot into the game and especially the refs that any attempt to try to resolve issues can never happen for any great length of time.
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  4. Best about that game was how hardhitting it was and without crap like chicken wings etc
  5. cakeGG

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    Yay **** Gaz is commentating.
  6. broncsgoat

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    The egg that come up on the broncs player (must learn their names) was horrendous.

    How she just carried on running is amazing.
  7. PerthBrissy987

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    18k plus was the crowd at the game
  8. It was awesome, people really got into it too.

    How **** pathetic when our female team pulls a crowd that would be deemed good in Sydney.
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  9. I bleed Maroon

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    Unbelievable how polarizing the attitude of the women was compared to the male team. Those indifferent **** seriously need a major rocket.
  10. Maitua Feterika was really dominating in that first half. She was a big part of why Broncos were able to get a roll on.

    Brittany Breayley was also quite good out of dummy half, she was a handful around the ruck constantly catching out lazy defenders.

    Chelsea Baker is a bit of a livewire. I like her, she's a good player.
  11. Allo

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    Julia Robinson. Shame she got put into touch in that next contact. But do you think the tackle fazed her?

    Agreed all 3 had a big input into the win yesterday, I especially liked seeing Baker in space she really can trouble the opposition with a little room to work with.

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