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    Pathetic jerseys that they sold the advertising rights to for $1Mill apparently. Meanwhile, we sold ours for 80K I believe......
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  1. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    If the way Lebanon played against Tonga is anything to go by, Freddy may just do a really good job.

    Can someone go back and try to find the team list he put out for the media before origin this year? It would be interesting to see who he would've picked had he been coach this year.
  2. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep


    1. Josh dugan, 2. Blake Ferguson, 3. Jack Bird, 4. Jarryd Hayne, 5. Latrell Mitchell, 6. James Maloney, 7. Mitchell Pearce, 8. James Tamou, 9. Robbie Farah, 10. Andrew Fifita, 11. Tyson Frizell, 12. Boyd Cordner, 13. Jake Trbojevic, 14. Tyrone Peachey, 15. Wade Graham, 16. Paul Vaughan, 17. David Klemmer

    Article is worth a read:
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    Backs are questionable but he's pretty spot on with the forwards/bench IMO
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  3. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    Tamou is terrible but other than that the forwards are good. Would can Robbie for Peats too.
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  4. Sproj


    Now Pearce is no longer at the Roosters either, that bodes poorly for Qld, he may not get picked.
  5. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Freddy’s team is a team full of brain explosions
  6. Yeah....please pick Wade Graham again.

    Now that Gallen has retired, we'll need someone else to give away bonehead penalties. Graham has already got a good head start.
  7. isaiah

    isaiah BRL Player

    Freddie tried to manipulate the head injury rule in a Lebanon pool game. Mannah on the sideline telling the physio an instruction, nex minut, head bin replacement
  8. Foordy


    please the NSW Origin script has already been written for 2018 ... and i have just happened to have found a copy.

    1. before game 1 talk up their chances of finally breaking the QLD dominance
    2. Make some laughable selections of out of form or constant failures at Origin level (like Pearce/Hayne)
    3. Make omissions of some of the form players in the comp (like Roberts)
    4. win game 1 or 2, then talk about how they can now have a "decade of dominance"
    5. CHOKE in the decider and allow QLD to retain the shield for another year
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  9. Brandy joining Fittler in the NSW coaching ranks, even more incentive to continue beating them.
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  10. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Such a smug douche.
  11. Didn't see it mentioned, but Fittler has said that his bolters for next year are Tom Trbojevic, Josh Addo-Carr, Jordan McLean & Tyrone Peachey.. Not to mention his love affair with Latrell Mitchell.

    There's going to be some big names left out of the team if all of those guys are picked.

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Tom Trbojevic
    3. Latrell Mitchell
    4. Josh Dugan / Jaryd Hayne / Blake Ferguson
    5. Josh Addo-Carr
    6. James Maloney
    7. Mitchell Pearce
    8. David Klemmer
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Andrew Fifita
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Boyd Cordner
    13. Jake Trbojevic

    14. Tyrone Peachey
    15. Wade Graham
    16. Jordan McLean
    17. Paul Vaughan / James Tamou
  12. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    NSW back line could be **** deadly in a couple of years. Imagine Turbo, Bird, Latrell and Atta Carr as your 2 - 5, that could be right up there with some of the best. Well, assuming their halves feed them good ball, but their youngest and most talented halfback is in contention with the most overhyped.
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  13. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    It would be interesting to see who is named as coach in game 2 after that backline lets in 60 points
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  14. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Didn't Freddy pick Hayne at fullback in his 2017 team? He also said Tedesco shouldn't be chosen this year. Although that might change now that he's a Rooster. If the Eels start well Hayne might be their fullback. I doubt channel 9s love affair with Moylan will continue next year. Latrell Mitchell may as well be locked in.
    1 Hayne
    2 Ferguson
    3 Mitchell
    4 Trbojevic
    5 Addo Carr
    6 James Maloney
    7 Nathan Cleary
  15. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Bird is clearly their best centre atm, I don't understand why they don't really want to pick him.
  16. Sproj


    He’s their second best centre but they don’t pick their best (Roberts) either.
  17. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    I'll give you one guess and a clue:

    Because like Jimmy Jet he plays for.................
    Payne Haas and TPJ are in Fittler's emerging Blues squad.

    Payne Haas (Brisbane Broncos)
    Tevita Pengai Jr. (Brisbane Broncos)
    Michael Lichaa (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs)
    Nick Cotric (Canberra Raiders)
    Jayden Brailey (Cronulla Sharks)
    Kyle Flanagan (Cronulla Sharks)
    Jessie Ramien (Cronulla Sharks)
    Lachlan Croker (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
    Jack Gosiewski (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
    Brian Kelly (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
    Luke Metcalf (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles)
    Curtis Scott (Melbourne Storm)
    Brock Lamb (Newcastle Knights)
    Daniel Saifiti (Newcastle Knights)
    Connor Watson (Newcastle Knights)
    Nathan Cleary (Penrith Panthers)
    Dylan Edwards (Penrith Panthers)
    Moses Leota (Penrith Panthers)
    Bevan French (Parramatta Eels)
    Tepai Moeroa (Parramatta Eels)
    Mitchell Moses (Parramatta Eels)
    Kyle Schneider (Parramatta Eels)
    Jake Hazard (Sydney Roosters)
    Latrell Mitchell (Sydney Roosters)
    Victor Radley (Sydney Roosters)
    Angus Crichton (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
    Tyrell Fuimaono (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
    Campbell Graham (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
    Cameron Murray (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
    Matt Dufty (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Jai Field (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Zac Lomax (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Reece Robson (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Hame Sele (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Jacob Liddle (Wests Tigers)
    Bayley Sironen (Wests Tigers)
    Moses Suli (Wests Tigers)
    Alex Twal (Wests Tigers)


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