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    So.....where do these hopeless pricks go from here.

    Dry your eyes for a second BMan and offer us your thoughts.
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  1. Bring in a coaching staff that can keep their intensity up and get rid of the selfish players. No moment from this series typifies that team more than when Hayne scored that try in game one and runs straight to the crowd throwing his arms out in a "worship me" kind of fashion. You celebrate with your teammates first, then run to the crowd. IMO anyway.

    They clearly believed the hype after game one and thought they had game 2 wrapped up. For a team that has failed for the last 12years, they showed a distinct lack of hunger to win the series.
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  2. Hayne pretty much lost Game 2 for NSW when he tried to go himself instead of passing it to Morris.

    NSW score then, that's the series over.

    He has barely justified his selection this year and they need to go in a different direction. They also need to **** off Dugan from the centres, get some genuine centres there. I lost count on the amount of times Roberts could have carved up QLD.
  3. Morkel


    NSW have hard-ons for their young fullbacks, if it's not Tedesco then it's Moylan, and now Tommy T. They need to put Hayne back there, but thankfully they never will because they want to prove that they aren't the same team of one-man heroes like they were with Gallen and Farah hogging the ball.

    They have more than enough decent full-time centres and wingers, and if it means Teddy and Turbo and Moylan even Dugan miss out, then too bad, you can't pick every fullback.
  4. NSW don't care about their halves crisis. It's an area they've struggled in for years, but the only player they saw fit to bring into camp this campaign was a 19-year old who was never going to get his shot.

    The Blues cannot afford to be picky, they've got to bring more players into the fold and initiate them into the system. Bring players like Cody Walker, Aidan Sezer, Mitchell Moses, Jackson Hastings, Tyrone Roberts, Chad Townsend etc. into the Emerging Squad and keep them involved.

    Last year, only 12 players were invited into the Emerging Squad they were: Shannon Boyd, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Bryce Cartwright, Nathan Cleary, Ryan James, Joseph Leilua, Jordan McLean, Latrell Mitchell, Junior Paulo, Jake Trbojevic and Tom Trbojevic.

    In comparison Queensland invited 20 players, including: Jayson Bukuya, Dale Copley, Kyle Feldt, Tim Glasby, Jake Granville, Coen Hess, Valentine Holmes, Ben Hunt, Felise Kaufusi, Edrick Lee, Ethan Lowe, Nene MacDonald, Anthony Milford, Cameron Munster, Moses Mbye, Dylan Napa, Lloyd Perrett, Ash Taylor, Christian Welch, Jarrod Wallace.

    Then later in the series they brought Andrew McCullough into camp. Despite the talent of the Blues, the culture of the Maroons appears to be stronger and the pathways seem far more clear.
  5. NSW need to just move on from this same brigade of under-performers playing out of position honestly, Dugan, Ferugson, Hayne. They're trash at rep level. Tedesco did fine honestly, he's still got a lot of learning to do, don't get me wrong, but he's still the best young Fullback in the game. Halves is also a big issue for them, I can't see them picking Maloney or Pearce again, they've lost far too many times and had far too many chances. I can envision a 17 like this -

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Jack Bird
    4. James Roberts
    5. Tom Trbojevic
    6. Clint Gutherson
    7. Nathan Cleary
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. David Klemmer
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Boyd Cordner (c)
    13. Jake Trbojevic

    14. Wade Graham
    15. Andrew Fifita
    16. Nathan Brown
    17. Matt Moylan
  6. Morkel


    The problem with the halves is that Pearce probably is the best that they have / have had. They don't have anyone close to Thurston or Cronk's level. They're all either really gutsy but with limited talent, or show-boaters who get an easy ride at club level and don't perform when it's all on their shoulders. The exception probably is Maloney, but then again his competitiveness comes out in the form of cheap shots or thrown boots, and not in effort after effort or keeping his mind on the 1%ers.

    If I were a NSW fan I've got no idea where to look, but I don't think Cleary is really any closer than Brooks or Moses were two years ago. Determined yapping little-dog players like Reynolds (x2) or Austin or Keary can't keep their head consistently under pressure. Cartwright is another joke in the long line of next-generation-of-past-NSW-legend punchlines and is a back-rower despite having zero ability to tackle. Sezer looks to have been Sticky'd.
  7. They left themselves with no other choice but to select Mitchell Pearce. If you ask any Australian player, being able to play State of Origin is a dream come true to them. What Queensland have done well is they've given their players the confidence that their dreams can become realities and they're constantly kept in the loop. In NSW, they don't try so a lot of talent becomes complacent and hit a plateau, never learning the lessons that separate the elite from the rest.
  8. I think the Blues should go with this next year.

    6. Maloney/Keary
    7. Townsend/Maloney

    Keary and Townsend are probably the only two halves they have that have played on the biggest stages in club level and did well. They are probably the only two that are ready enough for the step up.

    Pearce has had enough chances. He hasn't been able to deliver on the hype and once again failed to get the Blues over the line when it mattered the most.
  9. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I think Vaughan has to be there. Klemmer has been probably their best prop. Jackson has to go, Turbo has to start. Fifta needs to be told to run straight if he wants to keep playing, no more David Taylor shit, not more sideways running.

    I'd be looking to blood Nathan Cleary too. Give him a decent run, he looks a big talent. Give Maloney another series to partner him, I guess.
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  10. It's important for NSW to let Cleary develop naturally. I feel like he's being selected on this idea of what Cleary will be like at 23-24, just like Pearce was at 21 and we all saw how that panned out.
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  11. Rico

    Rico QCup Player

    Woods, Fifita, ferguson, hayne all rolling around in the ruck like the mentally frail fucks that they are playing for penalties, looking for easy outs when what was needed was some tough runs and intense defensive efforts.

    I though that sort of shit in the first half had a massive impact on the rest of the teams mindset. Then the defaul position of whipping Pearce when they have much bigger problems than him. I thought he tried his ring out.
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  12. The forward pack is one area NSW need to look at.

    I really liked Trbojevic this series. He wanted to get involved and make the tough runs, he was calling for the ball and looking for someone to pass back inside to which really worked in Game 2.

    He wasn't trying to milk penalties or any of that rubbish. He just rolled up his sleeves and got his job done without any fuss.

    That's the difference between us and NSW. We do that, they don't.
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  13. Dexter


    Yep some revert to type, Graham is another who gives away a soft penalty consistently when under pressure. It shows alack of confidence in their team mates IMO.

    I would punt Fifita, Woods, Jackson, Peats, Hayne, Fungerson and Morris.

    In goes Ryan James, Vaughn, Crichton, MCinnes, Walker, Roberts and Turbo Tom

    Just cutting the selfish fucktards of Fifita and Hayne would be a start though.
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  14. Jake, Klemmer and Cordner are the only ones that are a lock in next year IMO. Jake in particular just didn't look out of place at all and actually seemed to give a shit.
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  15. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    NSW won't change anything. Or they might get rid of Morris for a Mansour or Roberts. They have spent too much time telling everyone how great they are and that this is the right team. Would not surprise me one bit to see Pearce there again next year.
  16. Sproj


    I hate the fact that I really like and respect their captain. I've met Cordner a few times and he is just an all-round good bloke. His losing speech and tribute to the Maroons and JT was pure class. He should be a Queenslander.
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  17. Morkel


    Fifita for all his flaws is still a must-have. He just needs to be constantly slapped in to doing those one percenters. He can get away with that laziness at club level but not at Origin level, something I'm not sure if he gets yet even though it was obvious on Wednesday night.
  18. He probably is, but just doesn't know it.
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  19. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    Yeah I feel like Paul Gallen has rubbed off on too many now and it doesn't help that the main sharks culprits are in their team either.

    Sharks game plan is to drag their opponent down to their level and that grubby milking BS should have no role in NRL let alone Origin.

    The error called against Jackson in the first half should've been a warning shot to them that milking it wouldn't fly yet Hayne, Fifita and co. weren't willing to work for it and instead continued to play for the whistle ultimately causing them frustration and losing the game.

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