Official: Game 1 - Maroons Team

If petero does such a bad job that he needs to be dropped, I'm sure he will stand down.
Civo's second half was as good as any QLD forward (except Hannant, Myles and Harrison)

IMO Shillington was the stand out below-par performer yet nobody seems to be mentioning his name? I'm alos not sold on Gillett, but I'm more than willing to give him another game. As Ari Gold has said, Scott is going to have more game time, DT will actually be HEALTHY and Gillett will be better for his first game. Civo will know he was below his best and he will lift himself behind the rest of his pack firing.

The team should be unchanged, except bring Macguire in as 18th man. Our forwards will lift the next 2 games.
Would you be saying the same thing if QLD lost though?

No. If Petero was individually responsible for a key deficiency that led to our loss then maybe, but it's not like he was the only glaring weakness, our whole pack struggled in parts. I've no shame in saying I had my doubts about Petero prior to the series, but that was mainly due to the fact that until the Raiders game, I thought his club form was pretty bad. He's picked up a lot since that game though and frankly, if the game does go to a decider, you want a vet like Petero there instead of a guy like McGuire who would be on debut.

There was a lot of crap talked about passion and the differences between both states and whether or not they exist, and I feel that to QLD, winning 7 with Petero is much more significant than just winning 7 in a row. There's something about seeing Petero through to the end of the series with a win that is distinctive and unique to Queensland. I've no doubt NSW wouldn't give two shits what squad they picked or how many players they used if it meant winning a series.
I was worried about Petero pre-series, and I still am, but now that's he's there QLD can't drop him (unless he has a SHOCKER in Game 2).

Our pack will be better for the run. For starters, Scott is on his way back from injury and Taylor was sick. Plus, we can still get more minutes from Hannant (who I feld was massively under-utilised in the first match) and Gillett will have learned from the experience.

We'll have to be better because I have no doubt that NSW will be.
I'm not expecting any changes today, however if Scott can't be ready, I think Parker in and Myles to Prop isn't our best option.

I'd like to see Macguire selected off the bench, this just means slightly more minutes for Hannant and the secondrowers can do more work. It's not like Gillett got through a tonne of work Game 1, so collectivly the backrowers can pick up the slack if Hannant and Macguire can't do big minutes.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Lillyman get a crack. He is bloody good defensively.
I would prefer them not to replace Scott with anyone.

It could give NSW a chance.
Same team but Parker 18th and Barba 19th man.

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