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There should be an asterisk in the record books stating that although NSW won the series, the refs were the real decisive factor. Everyone who is even remotely objective cannot deny that. We should have been 10-0 after Thaiday legitimately scored and given the Tamou offside on DCE at the end of the first half, should have been 12-0 up with our tails up leading to a comfortable victory. Instead we lose by 2 points despite having our best prop likely taken out illegally and the refs wearing blue. There is absolutely no doubt the better team lost and the refs decided the outcome. Why else would you have a rather expensive fireworks display ready to go?

Harry Sack

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**** me dead. I just heard on the radio that there are plans for a Paul Gallen statue outside of ANZ for his service to NSW. Please tell me this is a G-Up....

I could cop a Mortimer, Fittler, Daley etc statue.....but Gallen?


State of Origin Rep
Out there somewhere
Just count your lucky stars that Paul Gallen isn't English if he was he would be getting a parade through London and receiving an MBE or knighthood with a royal ceremony.

I think him getting a statue is over the top, as much as I like him and admire the impact he has had on NSW a statue is taking it to far a simple players award or medal is much more appropriate.


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Man QLD just haven't looked like themselves at all this year.

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