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Aug 25, 2018
They're talking about a ten year, $10 million contract. But they're in no hurry as he's currently contracted until 2023. The new deal would propose keeping him until 2031. It would be the biggest offer in the club's history, pending Karl Morris's approval.

Payne's agent Chris Orr:

“Discussions are progressing positively with the Broncos. It helps that Payne has confidence in his coaches, fellow players and head office. Payne is a special player who brings a lot to the Broncos."

Ben Ikin:

“We will remain in the conversation with Payne and his agent about how we make sure he stays at the Broncos for life. The conversation is bubbling along but we have no plans to lose Payne Haas. Keeping him at the club is always on our radar, it’s not something that ever drops off."

“We would like to think Payne wants to be here for the long-term. The Broncos certainly want to keep him and as the conversation continues with his agent, hopefully we can at some point land on something we are both happy with at the right time.”

“Payne is a special player. He plays in the toughest position on the field and he has such high personal standards and he brings them to every game, every week, into every training session. I have only got to know him over the past few weeks and everything I thought he would be, Payne has exceeded my expectations.”

Payne, last month:

“I like the Broncos. I know some guys have left but this is a special club with a rich history. Things can happen in footy, we all know that, but I would like to be part of us having success again. I have some flaws in my game I have to work on, I am still a young middle and I’m proud of what I have done in a short space of time. I want to keep working hard and see what I can do.”



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Oct 23, 2016
Well it worked well for Milford and Fifita. Keeps them hungry doesn’t it. How’s jt2 going ? Nice work Ben the flower pot man. We had 2 more years to see if he improved his defence and off loading ability. But no we reward him up front. What’s the lifespan of a front rower these days Ben? Pure Genius.


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Mar 28, 2019
That long I’d be happier at 900k but having him you don’t need another huge metre eater front row just someone decent who’s great defensively, Don’t hate it. He’s also not lazy, so him taking this piss like Fifita doesn’t concern me as much.


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Mar 4, 2008
I thought it was a great contract for Lolo at the time, but now he seems to be slowing down a bit. Haas is being burned even faster than Lolo.

Now I admit I haven't watched many games this year outside the Broncos, so maybe Lolo isn't regressing and just being managed better, but still, 10 year expensive contracts scare me a bit.


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Sep 19, 2012
I'm torn. As much as I am keen to keep him and think he would also lure/convince other blokes to stay on, I do understand the reluctance with such a long term contract. JT2 is a good example, though he is still great and has suffered from the rule changes. It was sad when Petero left Brisbane, but it was due to cap pressure. This should help ease the decision making process. I do see Haas improving, though. I think as he matures he will develop his game and hopefully we can start to moderate his output to lengthen his physical playing lifetime.
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