QLD Squad 2020

Expected side if everyone is fit according to a couple of journalists -

Fullback - Allan
Left edge - Holmes & Gagai
Right edge - Brenko & Coates
Halves - Munster & DCE
Hooker - Friend
Front row - Welch & Papalii
Second row - Capewell, Kaufusi & Tino
Bench - Grant, Su'A, Arrow & Collins
I'd have hunt at starting hooker and drop friend. Hunt allows injury cover in the halves and is better at hooker in my view.

I'd go with

1. Allan
2. Coates
3. B Lee
4. Gagai
5. Holmes
6. Munster
7. DCE
8. Welch
9. Hunt
10. Papaali
11. Kaufusi
12. Sua
13. Tino

14. Capewell
15. Arrow
16. Collins
17 Grant
It's not great, but there's not much you can do with the injuries.
And before people start mentioning Carrigan, who do you drop for him? Collins has pretty much cemented his spot as he's been arguably QLD's best player over the 2 games. Papalii has been disappointing, but hopefully he finally delivers like he has at club level.

You just include him. He is awesome. He is a born origin player. Much better than Collins.
If it was me i'd be going with ( presuming all our touch and go players are fit )

1 Allan
2 Gagai
3 Lee
4 Hunt
5 Holmes
6 Munster
8 Welch
9 Grant
10 Papalii
11 Tino
12 Sua
13 Arrow

14 Hunt
15 Collins
16 Capewell
17 Carrigan.

1 Valentine Holmes

2 Xavier Coates

3 Kurt Capewell

4 Dane Gagai

5 Corey Allan

6 Cameron Munster

7 Daly Cherry-Evans (c)

8 Christian Welch

9 Jake Friend

10 Josh Papalii

11 Felise Kaufusi

12 Jaydn Su’A

13 Tino Fa’asuamaleaui

14 Harry Grant

15 Lindsay Collins

16 Jai Arrow

17 Dunamis Lui

18 Ben Hunt

19 Edrick Lee

20 Moeaki Fotuaika

21 Brenko Lee
what changes would you make?

personally, I'd swap Allen and Holmes. I don't rate Allen as a winger or Holmes as a fullback

1. Allen
2. Holmes
3. B. Lee
4. Capewell
5. Gagai

I feel like capewell is giving gutho a hard time in attack. If Munster is fit and defending next to him, we should be a lot better off on that edge.
what changes would you make?

personally, I'd swap Allen and Holmes. I don't rate Allen as a winger or Holmes as a fullback

Probably the team i posted earlier. Not enough Carrigan in Bennett's side. Even with my Patty tinted specs on, im still amazed he isnt in this 17, let alone the 21 man squad. He is just built for origin.

Totally agree though i'd switch Allan and Holmes, and i'd pick two natural centers over Capewell there. I think when the going gets tough you just need players not having to think about things like where they should be positioned, and playing players in their natural positions will help that. Coates i think needs pulling out of the firing like and Gagai and Holmes on the wings actually gives us some serious strike power out wide.
If fit I’d move Branko to the centres and Capewell to the bench

and for mine, Tino to back row, Arrow to lock and Su'a to the bench and drop Dynamic.

As for Patty, debuting in a deciding Game 3 is a bit much to ask.

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