Queensland 2013

It was a skillful name drop.

You originally mentioned him, randomly brought up he was from Beenleigh then corrected yourself and gave a childhood anecdote.

It was cash.

Another backrow player I wouldn't mind seeing - Aidan Guerra. Probably the only Rooster having a dig for his side, runs some fantastic lines and has a good passing game on him.
My sister played softball with Aiden Guerra's girlfriend.

True story bro.
I'd be more impressed with Tee Ball. Name drop fail, Jeba.
If Barba keeps his form going next year how do we not pick him somewhere in the 17, and how do we put him into the game.
Yeah he has to be there. Clearly we have backrowers and props capable of big minutes so giving a guy like Barba a bench spot to bring him on late each half to terrorise their big guys shouldn't be a drama. Get him in to dummy half a bit and also running off our hitups and wider runners looking for second phase and I guess defend him on the wing or at fullback. He is far too good to ignore (that is dependant on him keeping this or similar form.

I was in fine fine form.

Not only did Hodges have his best series, he also ended up scoring the match winner. O'Neil while in consideration at one stage basically played himself out of a jersey with some very soft efforts for Melbourne. Still, wish Hodges put his hand up for Brisbane more but can't blame him for wanting to play in the World Cup.

Shillo ended up playing himself out of a jersey after a soft Origin 1, Taylor was playing reserve grade in the build up to Origin I while McGuire & Hannant struggled with injuries.

The only pick I got right was Parker coming in, but that was an easy pick and he replaced Shillo, not Harrison.

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