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    Well no, I wouldn't class Reed as a great defensive centre going by this year's performances. He's been guilty of a few bad reads (pun not intended).
  1. He's a hot and cold defender.

    As evidenced by Origin 1. Makes a fantastic tackle on Brett Stewart that absolutely saved a try in the early going but for the rest of the game he's a shirt grabbing, out of position player who is absolutely no help to Cronk (who had a shocker that night too, but learnt and improved 100% next time T-Rex played) & Tate (who really isn't a winger).

    I'd rather Tate than Hodges at this level.

    At club I'd take Hodges over Tate in a heart-beat.


    Game 3 was a shocker for hodges too. as pointed out he missed 9 tackles and i distinctively remember a few of his misses where his opposite just stepped inside a bit and hodges just lazily stuck his arm out (even hit him around the head a few times)
    Yep, that's what happens. I think a lot of that comes down to Hodges' very long stride too. It's not like he can change direction in a hurry and react if a player steps inside.
  3. You have a point about Hodgo........the dummy half runs aren't cutting it anymore


    a bit hasty dropping him just yet

    I like the side apart from that.......particularly the forwards. Shillington went well this series, I can see the merits in starting with him over Hannant. Probably more so Hannants impact when he comes on from the bench than anything else

    also in favour of Parker over Harrison. Ash's days are over are far as I'm concerned

    and I was enthused more so by Teo than Gillett in game 3. Hard to say what's happened with Gillett. His SOO form was mirrored by his Brisbane form.

    Not much doing......

    Last but not least..... Dave Taylor. Bitterly disappointed with him after game 2.........but hate to write him off. His form will be the key.

    If not him

    someone else?

    Not keen on going back to Harrison.....Gillett I suppose, if he regains what we all thought we saw in him

    No to Lillyman.....no to Dallas Johnson

    Do we have other backrowers to chose from.......any young blood out there? Who's the next Myles or Thaiday?

    1. Billy Slater
    2. Darius Boyd
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Justin Hodges
    5. Brent Tate
    6. Jonathan Thurston
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Mat Scott
    9. Cam Smith
    10. David Shillington
    11. Nate Myles
    12. Sam Thaiday
    13. Corey Parker

    14. Ben Te'o
    15. Ben Hannant
    16. Josh McGuire
    17. Dave Taylor
  4. Anonymous person

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    Chris McQueen. hes had a fantastic season and is just as comfortable on the wing or centre as in the back row.
  5. Jayson Bukuya & Gavin Cooper are two other prospects I like the look of.
  6. The Brizz

    The Brizz Deactivated

    McQueen will be very very close to the team come May next year he is having an enormous season in the backrow!
  7. Agreed McQueen is having a great season.....backrow, wing, centre, fullback

    His versatility would be a huge plus.
  8. Anonymous person

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    Beenleigh boy represent!
  9. He's from Beenleigh? Explains that rat tail.
  10. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    well eagleby, which explains it even more, but he went to Beenleigh High. I went round his house and played Mario Kart with him and his brother (who was in my grade) one afternoon lol.
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  11. m1c

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    Do you need some help picking up that name you just dropped AP?
  12. Anonymous person

    Anonymous person Banned User

    no im good, since it wasnt really name dropping. we were talking about Chris McQueen and i mentioned that I went to school with him. if we were talking about something unrelated and i brought up that i went to school with Chris McQueen then sure, that would be name dropping. thats not what happened though.
  13. It was a skillful name drop.

    You originally mentioned him, randomly brought up he was from Beenleigh then corrected yourself and gave a childhood anecdote.

    It was cash.

    Another backrow player I wouldn't mind seeing - Aidan Guerra. Probably the only Rooster having a dig for his side, runs some fantastic lines and has a good passing game on him.
  14. Jeba

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    My sister played softball with Aiden Guerra's girlfriend.

    True story bro.
  15. I'd be more impressed with Tee Ball. Name drop fail, Jeba.
  16. Dexter


    If Barba keeps his form going next year how do we not pick him somewhere in the 17, and how do we put him into the game.
  17. The Brizz

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    Yeah he has to be there. Clearly we have backrowers and props capable of big minutes so giving a guy like Barba a bench spot to bring him on late each half to terrorise their big guys shouldn't be a drama. Get him in to dummy half a bit and also running off our hitups and wider runners looking for second phase and I guess defend him on the wing or at fullback. He is far too good to ignore (that is dependant on him keeping this or similar form.
  18. Son Edo

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    Oh no, you jinxed him boys.

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