CRICKET Queensland Bulls 23/24

Burns and Khawaja have steadied and are accelerating now. The chase is still on, lose one more though and it will be time to abort I'd imagine.
150 up but still only 2 down. 122 needed, 8 wickets in hand and the accelerator has now been applied it looks like.
target down to 100, still 8 wickets in hand.
Oh that looks like a shocker by the umpire on first viewing to remove Peirson.
It looks even worse on subsequent viewing, going way over the top.
Neser goes two balls later. That one did look out.
12 overs left - 41 needed for Qld, 4 wickets for SA.
Sandhu gone. Qld falling apart now.
Gonna throw this one and leave Ussie stranded on 98 too :(

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