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    NSW'kers much more control, better defense too. More individual ability, but too many boneheaded mistakes in the Qld team as well...
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  1. Difference between both teams there is that Queensland came up with much better fifth tackle plays.

    Good stuff from the Broncos halves. Nikorima in particular is looking very likely.
  2. Barr scores on the back of a grubber from Nikorima, after NSW's make a meal of it.

    10-12 NSW
    Qld halves turning it up... let's go boys!
  3. Jennings is doing a fantastic job down his right hand edge.

    Cleaned up both Byrnes and Drew, stopping the Maroons dead before they could get going.
  4. Nikorima going off with a suspected torn bicep.

    Now the Blues score.
  5. **** hell... NSW'kers score taking advantage of numbers, right after Jayden Nikorima is taken off the field with what looks to be an arm (bicep) injury.
  6. Hastings misses the goal... one converted try in it.

    10-16 NSW
  7. Wrong call from the ref gives NSW the feed, and they're in again with Kelly's third, who has had a field day against Carey.

    And Hastings is in again too... that's the game for sure. 10-24 KTC
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  8. Morkel


    Ooh, a free stream of an exciting game. If only it was compatible with a string & can setup. Reckon they could rig morse code up to send a HD video stream?
  9. Well this game has returned to the status quo.

    Looked like the Maroons were beginning to get the better of the Blues before that infringement from Fai in the play-the-ball. From there, they conceded 60 odd metres, went for a silly chip kick and the Blues have taken full advantage of that disruption.
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    In again. Same wing every time.
  11. K-Style

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    And now we're in. What?
  12. Same old story in the Under 20s, NSW far too good in every facet.

    A couple of good signs from the Maroons, but not enough to make the difference. Credit to NSW, they went in as favourites and they lived up to the billing with a strong performance that was built on defence more than anything else.

    Good to see Salty and Vowles give the call as well. Thought there was a lot more personality to this stream than the others and had a bit of everything with junior recruitment officers going mad to weird 5am night club analogies. Will say Vowlesy was a little off with the players missing (I know NSW selected Tamou, but they can't have all of NZ to themselves) and I think for every Blues player missing, the difference in depth is massive between both states. When Queensland can go from Ofahengaue to Lavea, Holmes to Carey - there's a pretty big gap right there.
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    well thats what happens when politics and personal ego picks the team.
    i thought bateman tried hard, arrow was ok, nikorima looked the most damaging and likely to cause havoc and hess had a crack as well.
    i havent seen george fai for a while, but he looks like he has been eating the colonel for brekky, lunch and dinner.
  14. Yeah, Holmes being out and Carey in was very costly. That wing was like an avenue for Kelly...
  15. Taylor did not seem to dominate the game as I thought he might, from my observation Jayden appeared to be the better player out of the Queensland halves prior to his injury.

    Also fairly typical (ordinary) defence in this game from both sides, but more so Qld.
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    Jayden has a dislocated shoulder.
  17. Yeah, Ash is never going to be the flashy type of player Jayden is, but the latter was definitely the best on the night.
    Too bad about his injury, as they were playing better together and it looked like they were going to steal the game away from NSW.

    Hopefully it doesn't require surgery... how bad is it?
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    So I only watched the first thirty minutes but did Ash Taylor end up running out onto the field eventually?

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