Queensland Under 20's

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2015' started by 1910, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Renegade

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    Yeah, I thought so too.

    Coen Hess was a standout for qld too imo, a lot of strong carries.

    Robert Jennings looked good for NSW,as did Kelly and Mitchell (I can see the Inglis resemblance they're raving about albeit he's very raw).
  2. Kelleher

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    IMO and being brutally honest and thought Qld were very bad. The reason being is because I thought NSW weren't that great either. The game was a little lack lustre I believe for that age group, but then if the best players in that age group cant play, what can we expect. Our tries came from NSW mistakes - two being lucky mistakes in the in goal area. Nikorima really was the only one who looked like a bright spark in that team. I am a big fan of Hess and Bateman, but they were not that great last night, but none of them were. Mind you the titans forward made a bit of an impact when he came on. There is always next year.
    Unlucky for the group and Talanoa you were spot on about the better options..Other then Tuasua?17# I thought he made a impact wiv his power and offloads but for some reason didnt get much game time.Fai and Collins were soft imo and we should of started the Titans prop with Bateman.Having said that you win some,lose some players that should of got picked didnt.Some that did shouldnt of its how it goes.Hope Jayden aint too bad and is not going too miss to much footy.

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