Redcliffe trial v Sharks

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  1. Brent81

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    so who is coming?
  2. Accept

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    I went to the trial they hosted in 2014 which turned out to be JYY's last game in a Bronco jersey. There were people everywhere, I think I will avoid it this time.
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  3. Brent81

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    Was there too.

    New grandstand might make it easier. Can get allocated seating.
    I'll be interested to see who we send to Auckland and who we keep at home for the trial. That's presumably 18 players to Auckland and 20~ players for the trial (We named 21 for the Redcliffe trial in 2016)


    Darius Boyd (c)
    Jonus Pearson
    Gehemat Shibasaki
    Marion Seve
    Jamayne Isaako
    Moses Pangai
    Benji Marshall
    Sam Scarlett
    Todd Murphy
    Andrew McCullough
    Adam Blair
    Alex Glenn
    Tevita Pangai Jr
    Herman Ese'ese
    Jai Arrow
    George Fai
    Keegan Hipgrave
    Joe Boyce


    1. Jordan Kahu
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Tautau Moga
    4. James Roberts
    5. David Mead
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ben Hunt
    8. Korbin Sims
    9. Travis Waddell
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. Jaydn Su'A
    12. Matt Gillett
    13. Josh McGuire

    14. Salesi Funaki
    15. Aaron Rockley
    16. Francis Molo
    17. Sam Lavea
    18. Jai Whitbread
    19. Alex Barr
    20. Nikau Terupe


    Kodi Nikorima
    Tom Opacic
    Sam Thaiday

    How'd I go boys? @Smokin' Joe@Smokin' Joe @1910@1910 @talanoa@talanoa

    Did I miss anyone or add in someone who's no longer training with us?
  4. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    First trial is a chance to get rid of the guys that have trained and been promised one trial game. The Jets' game will be closer to a real indication.
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  5. I will not be attending this game.

    Not after the way Redcliffe Leagues Club handled the 2014 trial.

    They knew they were well over capacity and kept selling tickets anyway.
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  6. Sirlee oldman

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    When is the Jets game? Definitely want to go to that one.
  7. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    11 Feb.
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  8. Pushkin

    Pushkin QCup Player

    I think broncos will already left for England before jets game .
  9. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Sharks are sending Fifita, Gallen, Holmes and Maloney.
  10. Mightybroncs2k17

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    I reckon Jai, tevita and herman and anyone else fighting it out for s spot in round one will play the trail against the sharks to get a gauge on who we will take to England. Probably pretty spot on with the 9's team apart from that.
  11. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    I think Milford will play in 9's.
  12. Pushkin

    Pushkin QCup Player

    I think Ben hunt should play 9's. Milford should play trial match. Ben hunt not gone be in Broncos next year. Milford should start run the team. He should start organise and take more responsibility this year.
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  13. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    The Broncos' leave on the 9th. Kurt Richards will coach against the Jets. It will be those players outside the top 18 left behind.
  14. Redcliffe League's Club would be spewing over the Broncos 9's squad.

    There won't be anywhere near as much interest as there would have been if the likes of Milford, Hunt, Boyd, Oates, Roberts etc were playing.

    They won't be able to sell over capacity this year.
  15. Foordy


    They'll still likely get to see Hunt since he isn't part of the nines
  16. Pushkin

    Pushkin QCup Player

    1 Corey Allan
    2 David Mead
    3 Marion Seve / Moses Pantai
    4 Tautau Moga
    5 Jamayne Isaako/ Nikau Terupe
    6 Kodi Nikorima
    7 Ben Hunt
    8 Joe Ofahengaue
    9 Travis Waddell
    10 Kobin Sims
    11 Alex Glenn
    12 Sam Thaiday
    13 Josh McGuire
    14 Tevita Pangai Jnr
    15 Jai Arrow
    16 Herman Eseese
    17 George Fai / Keegan Hipgrave
  17. BRONCOS NRL TEAM to play Cronulla Sharks - Saturday February 4 at 7.15pm

    1. Jamayne Isaako
    2. Nikau Terupe
    3. Marion Seve
    4. Tautau Moga
    5. David Mead
    6. Sam Scarlett
    7. Ben Hunt
    8. Joe Ofahengaue
    9. Travis Waddell
    10. Herman Ese’ese
    11. Alex Glenn
    12. Tevita Pangai jnr
    13. Jai Arrow


    14. Todd Murphy
    15. George Fai
    16. Aaron Rockley
    17. Salesi Funaki
    18. Korbin Sims
    19. Corey Allan
  18. Interesting notes:

    * Moses Pangai not selected at all (Shows he's probably last on the outside back depth charts)
    * Korbin Sims named on the bench, behind Ofahengaue, Pangai Jr, Ese'ese & Arrow
    * Sam Thaiday rested
    * Josh McGuire tweaked hamstring, won't play
    * Kodi Nikorima, Tom Opacic & Mitchell Dodds recovering from off-season surgery
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  19. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Guess we were both wrong about where Corey Allen would be.