PLAYER Reece Walsh

Any idea what the Akubra's were about? The boys just taking the piss?
I read some where, and I can't remember where that Walsh's cowboy hat was "club issued"

So possibly just the club trolling...

I Respect That Annie Potts GIF by CBS
I just assumed the cowboy hats were from our partnership with Ringers Western or something 😂
During the game coverage I thought I saw a few Broncos players wearing similar Akubra's?
Alot of the guys had them in Vegas must be a sponsorship thing.
Not sure if Akubras or Ringers but it's a smart move by them I'm sure sales will go up with Reece trotting round in one.
They were talking about this on the Sunday scrum, it is through the partnership with Ringers Western. Ringers has recently acquired Akubra and when they were in Vegas they were doing a shoot for Ringers and Walshy and a few of the boys asked if they could have one of those hats, seems that the whole team then wanted one.
I think he knows he's got the media eating out of his hand so now he's just seeing whatever sticks lol.

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