PLAYER Reece Walsh

don't have Instagram, got this image off fox sports website
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Badel is saying that the $1.1 package is "bolstered by a third-party deal" so hopefully we aren't putting the full $1.1 on the cap

That will go down well with some of those battling Sydney clubs who can barely get a 3rd set of portable toilets into their suburban ground, let alone a 3rd party deal.
Frankly he's on track to be the best player at the club if he finds some consistency in attack. He's worth just as much as Haas

If he goes to the open market (which he won't by the sounds of it) he will probably get one of the most lucrative deals going around in the NRL.
Jesus Christ almighty, let's pray Walsh doesn't resemble anything like Milford.
He won’t unless he starts eating 3 Giant Feasts from KFC per day and not train at all.
Maybe the 3rd party IS Milford??
Think about it….🧐
He owes the club millions in a refund, maybe he is giving some back to help fund a real player’s contract.
I’m still oddly concerned about the “kev” comment in his Instagram post.
wow I'm seeing 1.1m per year. Definitely worth it but geez with Reece at 1.1m, Payne at 1.2m, Patty at 800k, Ezra at 875k, Cobbo at 750k, Reyno as well. We really don't have much room to move from here. Going to have to do really well to sign value players. But It's a good problem to have.

Paddy needs to start earning his keep

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