Ricky Stuart to coach Parramatta & NSW

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    At least that's what Dean Ritchie seems to think.

    Ricky allegedly had a very 'positive' meeting with Geoff Carr at NSWRL headquaters that will likely see him extend his tenure despite announcing on NRL on Fox it'd either be NRL or Origin. This also seems to be a backflip on NSW's reported stance.

    Do you guys think it's the right move? Is Ricky the bloke to deliver the shield home? Or will coaching at NRL level be a stretch too far?
  1. Ari Gold

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    Having a duel coach would undoubtedly affect the club involved, but I really fail to see what impact it would have on a state. It's not like you even need to do anything to coach Origin for 46 weeks of the year, so I fail to see what impact it would really have. Besides, you could make an argument that Origin isn't really that much about coaching anyway.
  2. I tend to agree.

    NSW needed an independent coach to fix the complacency surrounding the entire NSW Origin scene but now that Ricky has done that I believe as long as those structures are kept in place and reviewed annually they'll be fine.

    In a way, I'm a bit worried about these turn of events. I thought Ricky would bow down and give Laurie the reigns and we'd be on easy street. With Ricky back, they could very well take the shield home. They came agonisingly close this year.
  3. Dexter


    Bellamy got close a few times as well, Ricky did a good job but all he did was deliver the same result as Bellamy with a lot more whingeing.

    If both sides are similar to this year I seriously can't see Qld playing as poorly as the first 2 games.

    The sure sign that NSW are close to a win will be Gus putting his hand up for another go.
  4. I worry for the Rickster's sanity.......he's still not handling losing or disappointment well

    and now he wants a piece of it 26 weeks of the year?

    Parra to continue being.....mehh!!

    and the Blues will lose for the 8th year in a row.
  5. Broncoman

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    This is going back on the philosiphy of having a fulltime coach. Ricky bleeds blue and would give his left nut to see NSW dominate but it would be a distraction for him. The assistant at Parra would probably be coaching them around Origin time. I like Ricky in his origin role as the Blues are closing the gap on QLD and a series win looks closer than further since he has been there. But he needs some mouth managment though.
  6. Alec

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    Dual coaches are usually biased towards their club sides. Which works in QLDs favour, because Stuart would be biased towards Parra lol.
  7. simmo77

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    If they are gonna have a club coach do it I think they should be looking at Hasler instead.
  8. I don't think Hasler could hack it. He gets so worked up about every single game. I think his head would explode at Origin time.......

    On second thought...Please appoint Hasler as NSW coach!
  9. Broncoman

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    I don't think its confirmed. Ricky said Gus was also a very good candidate (which he is).
  10. Kaz

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    Appoint Bellemy as assistance coach as well.
  11. I want Bellamy to fail again.
  12. Broncoman

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  13. Anonymous person

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    i think people are giving Stuart too much credit.

    NSW still lost, and QLD played the absolute worst 2 games theyve played in the entire 7 year reign. he whinged, he kicked up a stink over everything, he made refs be replaced, yet they still couldnt beat a team who was basically handing them the series on a platter.

    the QLD team is getting worse, i dont think thats deniable. the core of the team, a good 7-8 people, are all pushing 28-29 years old. we've lost folau and yow yeh, civo was out on his feet and now gone next year, gillett and taylor played like marshmallows and showed theyre not origin standard yet we persisted with them, thaiday was MIA apart from his butter fingers and doesnt show any sign of improving his handling since it gets worse every year.

    and yet NSW still lost. all he did was make QLD hate NSW again, and make everyone hate Ricky Stuart because he just bitched and cried for the entire 6-8 weeks. he didnt get NSW closer to winning, QLD got NSW closer to winning.
  14. Son Edo

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    Has anyone mentioned this was Cronk and Thurston's first year as partners in the halves?
  15. Ricky's biggest victories have come off the field. By the time Bellamy was through, the entire NSW squad looked completely rudderless. I don't necessarily blame Bellamy, he was let down by the politics of NSWRL and seemingly had to coach Frankenstein type sides made up of the agendas of an ardent Manly supporter & co.

    Under Ricky, they've rarely made unforced changes and when they've had more often than not they've paid off. I was critical of them dropping Uate, thought it'd bite them in the ass and never rated B. Moz at that level, but he proved me absolutely wrong.

    It's also always difficult to determine whether or not it was NSWs' performance that made us look bad or Queensland's bad performance that made them look good. I think the answer is somewhere inbetween because I definitely think they've been playing some stellar footy since Ricky took over. Much better than the slop they were dishing out in 09-10.

    The only issue Ricky had was choosing too many backrows on the bench and not scoring too many points. Pearce's run as halfback is surely over and now it's up to them to find a replacement.
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  16. Kaz

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    The reason NSW has improved is, Ricky finally got the team he wanted.

    Before Ricky, it was the players the selectors wanted.
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  18. Ari Gold

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    LOL, did that just say Trent Barrett was an option?
  19. Dexter


    Daley and Fittler as well. They have massive problems already.

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