Ricky Stuart to coach Parramatta & NSW

LOL, did that just say Trent Barrett was an option?
Daley and Fittler as well. They have massive problems already.
Begging and praying Gus comes back, wouldn't mind Daley getting the gig though
Daley lolz he has no idea, Gus would worry me no end
wouldn't mind Daley getting the gig though

Daley can't play musical chairs with Gus, so he would be hopeless as a coach.

Video quality is shit.

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Hearing plenty of calls for Gus to be coach.
I think Gus would fear losing too much to take this on. He has a fantastic record in Origin and he would know this is very hard, the last time he took back over he had an incredible group at his disposal. Even though this NSW squad is getting close they don't have the Johns, Barrett, Fittler, Buderus standard spine players that will get them home in 2 games a series. I just don't think he would risk his pride.
Why isn't Daniel Anderson a candidate? I reckon he could do far more with blokes like Merrin and Tamou than Barrett and co. ever could
Agree 100% Brizz. Gus isn't dilly enough to take the job on
What a confidence boost that would be for the Blues if he chose to accept the role though. To have that belief would be very crucial and Gus is one of the best football minds we've got.

However, and slightly a bit off-topic it always annoys me how Mal is slammed for being opportunistic while Gus constantly enjoys a free ride. Gus accepted the job not long after Jack Gibson did all the hard work to turn NSW into a powerhouse. Gus did a good job with them, certainly didn't s**t the bed or anything but he clearly always had the superior side.

Gus vs. Mal would be very interesting to watch though. If you thought Ricky did a good job of drawing heat, you'll be blown away by Gus. Reading back through old Rugby League Annuals, I still get bothered by Gus' behaviour.
well Gus has ruled out him coaching NSW today, so obviously he doesnt think NSW can win next year.

as Brizz said, the only things more important to Gus than money are being right (he will never make a comment like 'Brisbane will win from here' without following up with something like 'unless Canberra step up a notch' - he always covers all bases) and his winning record/reputation that comes with it.

the ONLY way he would accept a coaching job is if he was 100% certain that his team would win anyway. so watch for him to put his hand up the year after Thurston/Slater/Cronk/Smith retire, or when theyre all like 33 years old and playing like the current Broncos mob.

please please please please please please choose Daley as the coach lol.
Daley is dumber than Fittler, only he takes himself very seriously to give the illusion that he knows what he's talking about.
If Daley is chosen then NSW will need to score more points than QLD to win the game.

Seriously though, if he's signed then NSW fans can just write off how many years he's signed for as certain losses lol.
broncospwn said:
If Daley is chosen then NSW will need to score more points than QLD to win the game.

Hahahha, classic Daley!
As opposed to the less traditional method of winning by scoring less points?

not sure if you missed the joke, but its a daley quote from not long ago - he said something along the lines of 'the team who scores the most points should win' while commentating a match on fox.
Oh... I never knew that. So yep, totally missed the joke!

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