PRE-GAME Round 11 - Broncos vs Roosters

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  1. I bleed Maroon

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    Can he come back looking like a Bronco, perhaps?
  2. roo-ted

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    Can he just not come back?
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  3. winslow_wong

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    What a horror season so far.
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  4. GKDonkey

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    You got a copy of that article bro
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  6. Thelmus


    Name one time a defensive weakness has been exploited mid-game. A time when Milford or knik have identified a weakness and exploited it. They look a million dollars when our opponents tire. Running around tired players in front of you is one thing. Isolating a fresh defender is beyond their skill set. As for expansive play, for it to consistantly work we'd need to know when to use inside balls and when to spread it.
    Don't get me wrong . We do it and sometimes it works, but it usually is the result of something hatched pre-game, because when they wake up to it, our halves keep trying the same thing.
    When I talk about an expansive game, its not just throwing the ball wide and getting Roberts or Oates on the ball. We do that. The problem is they are usually well marked (unless their opposites are asleep). That's when you want your half to have a plan b or a joker up his sleeve. Milford made an amazing try out of nothing last week but it wasnt anything more than brilliant individualism.
    There was neither the skill nor the intent to use it as a consistent game tactic. They (Milford and knik) play what is front of them.
    Contrary to what people seem to think, I think we have the makings of a good pack. It's still pretty raw and there is a lot of injuries snd They have, and will continue to make mistakes, but they will make less of them if they are fresh.
    You say the good teams will score regardless. This much is true. But they will more readily exploit tired defenders than we can because they have the players to spot them, or a positional weakness (Melbourne comes to mind, but there are others).
    Our forwards are creative players. Tpj, thaiday, lodge, glen, even sims can all offload. They just need to do so with a retreating defense. Our forwards can put the their opposition on the back foot and have.
    They can't do so when they are effectively tackling machines for a side constantly constrained to its own half. Sure Roberts or oates can make a break in our own half. Sure we will throw the ball wide to get out, but how often has our expansive play been the result of a deliberate effort to break out of our half and not just some individual skill born of desperation.
    We need to wear our opponents down for those reasons.
  7. We don't have the players to wear our opponents down. We are not a team that will grind the opposition into submission, we are a team that can score more than the opposition, rather than a team that can make the opposition score less.

    On the rest of your post, I am not sure we disagree, except perhaps on the reason why it isn't happening.
    Not knowing when to use inside balls, kick or spread it comes down to one thing: coaching.
    Not being able to execute a set play to break our of our half with an expansive play comes down to one thing: coaching.

    Of course, you need vision to do it, and I think Milford has it. He can certainly exploit defensive weaknesses, and has done it many times. Kodi is more of a runner who can take advantage of tired defenders, which is why he shouldn't be in the halfback position in the first place, and why I'm ready to take almost anyone there in his place.

    We have no variation in our attack, making it easy for the opposition to prepare for us, mainly by restricting Milford's and Roberts space, because when neither of those two has the ball, we have zero creative threat.
    We need to make them worry about who is going to break the line, not just wait in the knowledge that the ball will eventually end with Roberts, Oates or Milford in the hope of an individual effort, or Boyd for a sweep and overlap play, all of it after a set of one out hit-ups.

    I agree we have the makings of a good and creative pack, yet we don't have a tactic to exploit it.
    We have speed and agility to exploit that pack's creativity, but those players are being bogged down trying to follow a game plan that doesn't suit them, instead of for example, sniffing around for an offload from a TPJ, Lodge, Gillo, run lines with multiple players, keeping the opposition guessing who will actually get the ball, set plays with multiple outcomes with both halves participating and opening holes for our players to run through, kick a grubber behind the defensive line after getting the fullback out of position, compress the opposition defense to leave the winger isolated and vulnerable to a cross kick, etc...

    We do almost none of that in a structured way, and that is not only because we lack a halfback, but also and mainly, because we don't train for it.
    Look at what we were doing in 2015 with two running halves without a kicking game to speak of. We did exactly that to most teams, even when we still lacked the polish a good organising halfback would've given us.
    Why aren't we doing it now that we have a roster even less capable of playing a grinding awaiting defense and no halfback to steer us around the park and control the game tempo?
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  8. Everything will be fine. TAGA is in and likely to play 40 minutes. He'll score and whack a couple guys as well. I'm forecasting that he'll stay in the team after Friday night, WB just won't be able to drop him such will be the standard he'll set ! Ok, that's probably all bullshit but I hope some of it comes true.
  9. Kyall

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    Can someone post the article on Tevita that’s in courier please.
  10. 1910

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    Thought you'd be hoping Taggers was on his way to Ipswich on Saturday. Or aren't you allowed near him?
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  11. Spoon

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    Perhaps it's time Bird had a dream Hayne style
  12. Broncs_Fan

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    I've seen Taga break the line quite often. He's hard to handle at his best. I am kind of baffled that he's been in QCup this long.
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  13. pagey

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    You really have a hard on for taga don't you !
    I think he should've been there when McGuire went down.
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  14. Kotoni Staggs in for Shibasaki.
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  15. winslow_wong

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    Our last decent win was against the warriors with taga in the team. It only justified huge's love for him further.
  16. roo-ted

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    What's the take on this guy? Should we be excited?
  17. From memory he was one of our best players in one of the trials this pre-season, runs hard, good foot work, knows how to score a try.
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  18. Wolfie

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    Very good prospect. Kicks goals as well. Reminds me a little of tyrone peachy. Think he will end up in the back row eventually
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  19. Wolfie

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    Doing well this year. Only thing I feel he needs to work on a bit is his discipline. Got sinbinned on the weekend for a stupid grab at a player

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