LIVE Round 11 - Broncos vs Roosters

Discussion in 'Live Game Chat' started by Foordy, May 18, 2018.

    Haha haha again

    Derelick our balls Roosters
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  1. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    Great game too
  2. I'll give the boys credit tonight, they turned upto play and I'm proud of my team tonight and they could have easily just collapsed after that last Roosters try like so many loses this year but instead the boys kept digging and digging. Make no mistakes got a long long way to go but the boys showed heart tonight in a very intense match.
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  3. KickHaas

    KickHaas BRL Player

    i know the feeling...i've had 4 ligers and am pretty sure a unicorn is about to come
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  4. Accept

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    Luckily, I am a dumb fucker.
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  5. KnToad

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    Truth. My heart is pounding
    My neighbors are used to me running out my front door and screaming across the valley but it’s normally at origin time

    EPIC WIN!!!
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