PRE-GAME Round 15 - Knights vs Broncos


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I totally agree about the rep distraction. Was the main reason I wanted qld to wrap it up in Perth actually (origin has lost its appeal to me in recent years, give me a broncos premiership over 20 series wins). It is a cop out from the players but it's also a reality that they aren't focused on the broncos at the moment. There's way too much hype around origin these days and it takes all the players focus if they haven't learned how to manage it yet..
Absolutely on the spot and I am with you 100% mate. Witnessing QLD win series after series over the years doesn't entice me anymore (don't get me wrong here as I do want my State to do well). Perhaps we don't have those legends of Origin playing anymore and no punch or bite in current QLD team, I too personally would take Broncos Premiership over a QLD series win. The sad part is, neither QLD nor the Broncos are putting up a decent show and smashing opponents. I hope that changes with the Broncos starting today.
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The Broncs had so many injuries that year - Lockyer, Hunt, Hodges, Tate, Berrigan, any other massive ones? The impressive thing was the way everyone else lifted after most of those players were gone for the season. We didn't win many games, but you couldn't blame them for not trying. Even Steve Michaels looked quality back then. If only that attitude could come back.
Webcke had retired and Civo had been shipped off to Penrith at that time IIRC so it was all very messy behind closed doors. Still nothing compared to today.

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Well, I started feeling less interested in Origin too, sadly the Broncos didn’t do any good either. Funny thing is, last night the game between storm and roosters, it gave me kind of feeling like qld vs nsw.

One team follow old tradition, run hard tackle hard, fight for yards and possessions. The other got driven by talents, speed. Eventually Qld-like team beats NSW-like team, sadly it’s not Broncos I’m talking about


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Think DB will be FB in defence and Milf in attack.
i'm not so sure about that, because some of the talk this week has been about Milford's defensive workload blunting his attack somewhat.

so having him defend in the frontline won't fix that issue


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Big game from Milf at FB and I dare say he is in with a shot for origin. Long odds, but could happen.


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It might be, guess we will just have to wait and see.
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The Late Mail
Knights v Broncos, Saturday 5.30pm at McDonald Jones Stadium
Knights: A big blow for Newcastle with Kayln Ponga ruled out with a calf injury, although that has been eased by the return of David Klemmer. Kurt Mann moves to fullback for Ponga, while Mason Lino starts at five-eighth. James Gavet switches to the bench. Jacob Saifiti was the last player cut before kick-off, while Aidan Guerra was trimmed from the reserves on Friday.
Broncos: Anthony Seibold has pulled a surprise move with fullback Darius Boyd and five-eighth Anthony Milford swapping positions. That's the only change made to the 17-man team unveiled on Tuesday but it's a significant one. Jamayne Isaako (personal reasons) has been left out, with Richie Kennar listed on the wing. Maroons trio Corey Oates, Matt Gillett and David Fifita will play. Rabbitohs-bound forward Jayden Su'A and James Segeyaro were cut from the reserves on Friday, while Xavier Coates and Shaun Fensom were omitted an hour before kick-off. The Broncos have won six of their past seven games against the Knights.
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i'm not so sure about that, because some of the talk this week has been about Milford's defensive workload blunting his attack somewhat.

so having him defend in the frontline won't fix that issue
Not saying it’s my preference. They may think Boyd is be better under the high ball. Whatever. If it don’t work they change back.

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