LIVE Round 17 Discussion

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    Thursday -

    7:50pm - Melbourne Storm vs St George Illawarra Dragons

    Friday -

    7:55pm - Penrith Panthers vs New Zealand Warriors

    Saturday -

    7:35pm - Canterbury Bulldogs vs Canberra Raiders

    Sunday -

    4:10pm - Gold Coast Titans vs Brisbane Broncos
  1. Some big late changes to the storm.

    Jahrome Hughes moves from halfback to fullback, Young Tonumaipea goes from fullback to the wing, Justin Olam is out and Brodie Croft switches from the interchange bench to start at halfback in jersey No.17. Albert Vete will also debut for the Storm.
  2. Have they got rid of the voluntary tackle rule?
    Whenever I see Luciano take a hit up for the first time in a game I get confused and wonder when Lafai got so fat.
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  3. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Holy shit, what the **** just went down haha.
  4. Melbourne need to sack Croft ASAP. C'mon Bellamy, you don't need him
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  5. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Massive brainfart from Mr Referee
  6. Tera

    Tera NRL Player

    Most entertaining half of the season?
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  7. This game is pretty awesome.
  8. Maddy1to9

    Maddy1to9 NYC Player

    Storm are grubs and can never produce anything close to an entertainment game without forward passes being overlooked almost in every set.

    Mighty Broncos are always the entertainers of NRL. Full-stop!!!
  9. Deep breaths mate.
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  10. Off topic but deadset is almost every ad alcohol or gambling these days?

    Deadset cancer.
  11. Maddy1to9

    Maddy1to9 NYC Player

    You not serious are you?
  12. Storm are definitely grubs but it has been an entertaining game
  13. I wouldn't exactly call the Broncos "entertaining" at the moment.

    More like frustrating.
  14. Checchin still has incredibly thin skin.
  15. Maddy1to9

    Maddy1to9 NYC Player

    I agree it's a good game but wonder why their forward passes gets overlooked every set? I reckon there are at least 4 forward passes in the 2nd half already. Do the touchies turn a blind eye when they're on attack? Let alone, this can't be the entertaining game of season.

    For ladder sake, Storm win would be nice from here on but looks like it could go either way.
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  16. Foordy


    When did they bring the NYC back?
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  17. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    It's not only Storm's forward passes they miss
  18. Tera

    Tera NRL Player

    This game is unreal.

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