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    There was, but all of it was caused by BJ
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    Random thought but it made me laugh....

    Last year we got 50 put on us by the storm. The media hammered the statistic/history/fact that no team has ever won a premiership after getting after having 50 points put on them... ever!

    Fair enough right?

    But wait a second, didnt the dragons just get 50 put on them? Not one mention of this fact. Sure, they didnt have their origin players but neither did the storm, and its not as if this fact had a * next to it (like the storms winning percentages) about missing origin players

    For the bennett-less years people didnt hate the broncos, the last few years its back. I love it!
    There was a time during the Henjak coaching period where I almost felt pity from opposition fans, that was a strange and disturbing feeling I never want to experience again.
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