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Discussion in 'NRL Live Game Chat' started by Super Freak, Jul 10, 2018.

    The **** lol, he drags it forward off the post, how isn't that a knock on
  1. Battler

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    NRL. I'd trust most posters on here to run the joint better than the peanuts currently in charge.

    EDIT: Can Taylor channel his hero Hayne and weasel his way out of the Coast? He's playing like shit and looking like he's wasting his talent, but we need him and he needs us.
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  2. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Wait, so that was a try to the Roosters?

    They're not even trying to hide it any more.
  3. Morkel


    Just saw it myself. With no exaggeration, that is the worst call ever. What was the explanation? Even if it was ruled that Wallace stripped it, he's not only rolled it forwards along the post (which, if that were a defender, would constitute a knock-on), but the ball has then gone forward, hit the ground, and only then does he pick it up and ground it. Are they arguing that, had the post not been there, it would have been knocked back???
  4. I think they deemed it was knocked back because he was facing his goal line. But the ball had been pulled back towards him and went forward.
  5. Morkel


    What a load of shit. I don't know why I'm surprised though, the NRL seem to have no floor when it comes to deteriorating integrity.
  6. Sproj


    That is truly pathetic, could even be labelled blatant cheating by the institution itself.

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