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    I barely watch any games these days due to time and the fact the commentary team is terrible. I don’t mind the AFL and find myself able to watch that game more easily these days because the commentary (while by no means perfect) is just far more professional.

    I often just watch the NRL highlights because you don’t have to put up with so much whinging in the package.
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    It's funny to hear that Ch 9 went on about the Maloney shoulder charge. Because Mick Ennis (who whilst needs to widen his colour vocabulary is a really good reader of the game) at first was surprised at the call and said something like "they called this a shoulder charge against Maloney....aaaand it appears a correct call" and they all moved on. The Fox analysis shows do go on about the refs a bit, but their commentary lead by Vossy and Smith are streets ahead of the Nine commentators.

    It's like when you watch the NFL, if the comentators don't get upset about calls then you don't. I do notice the NFL bunker creates the most Ire in commentators and it's easily as bad as the NRL bunker. There's just no excuse for getting it wrong when you have unlimited time and replays.
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