POST GAME Round 22 - Cowboys vs Broncos

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Foordy, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    A team desperate to sign Bennett?

    And we all know they'll be lining up for him.
  2. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    I for one would just like to see how this team would play under the modern football tactics.

    We went from Bennett ball (1 out hit ups with the sweep) to Griffin ball (1 out hit ups with hoggman sweeps) back to Bennett ball and more sweeps.

    Give me some **** decent footy to watch... if the media and NSWRL are gonna rip us a part and penalise us out of the game I at least want to enjoy watching my team play some football!!
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  3. 2015 seems so long ago......
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  4. Alec

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    It's why I'm kinda excited about the possibility of Seibold coming. Now I have no idea if he's actually fluking it or how he'll go through the same tough phase all new coaches do, but from what I've seen this year, he'd suit us perfectly. Souffs play both the power game with the forwards and the skill game with the backs. Imagine our rising pack with our skillful backs too. Just need the 1, 7 and 9 to step the **** up.
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  5. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    I’ve always likened him to an old school hooker. Great pass and reaction- tough too but you never heard defence too worried Turtle or Johnstone would run.

    Problem now is defence is so good and that’s Smith’s best quality he buys his players time.

    I watched a Norths game from 2002 the other day and Smith sucked in the markers, forward ran offloaded to Slater who ran 50m to score.

    It was a look into the future how the engagement he buys hasn’t change in his game.
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  6. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    No fluke, he’s a great teacher I said early in the year he has his principles and his team fit around them but then he empowers his players to play. He coaches football and growth.

    If you ever get the chance to hear him talk on tactical periodisation take it.
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  7. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    The only different play they've had this season was Oates coming in off the wing to link up with niko. Most of the times it's been successful but it only ever comes out every few games.
  8. I've got a feeling he'll do a Bellamy and stay at Souths. If the Board don't persist with Bennett, the options will be to go for a rookie like JD or some dinosaur like Hasler. Doesn't fill me with much confidence moving forward. One coach that might be a good fit is Maguire. I reckon he'd stick it up a few players.
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  9. Lebbo73

    Lebbo73 NYC Player

    Is anyone watching the Warriors vs Knights? The Knights are being outclassed but at least they’re committed in defence. You couldn’t say that about our defence for **** sake!
  10. Doesn't happen nearly enough.......if this **** wants to be a back rower, he's got a funny way of showing it.
  11. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse QCup Player

    Daruis Boyd surely must be wearing thin on even Wayne Bennett by now?

    I just wonder how Boyd could even look Bennett in the eye these days. And what does Bennett say to him after disgracing the jersey game after game like this? "Oh good game again Darius, you're are an inspiration to the club mate."

    I was filthy at Niko too last night but he at least has potential as an interchange player at our club in future. Boyd = pure rot. Enough is enough. Boyd announcing his retirement would be a breath of fresh air for our club. I really hope he's gone next year.

    Things need changing up next year. Not too much. But Boyd needs to be gone. Hell, make Bird captain at centre. Throw Macca in the bin, just rid of him. Turpin to 9. I don't watch Dargan or Murphy play in ISC but FFS give one a of them go! Give em both a go! Bellamy would have sorted some shit out by now FFS.

    Just 3 changes to perhaps reinvent the Brisbane Broncos. Amen.
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  12. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    Disgracing the jersey is probably a bit dramatic. One game against the lowly GC and you have already have promoted Turps as a full time hooker. He must have really impressed you considering that he didn't do anything special.
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  13. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Darbs may not be killing it as much as he used to and as much as we'd like him to be, but seriously he's all we got at the moment in terms of leadership. Many might see him as sub standard but he's all we got to nurse through the great group of young talent. He is below his best this year, he has been since his hammies went in last year's semis, but as I said he's all we got at present so whinge all you like he's there to lead us through thick and thin and fair play to him, he probably knows himself he's stinking it up, but if he pulls the pin now who have we seriously got to stay on the field for 80 mins and encourage the young uns?

    He may well be stinking it up, but he has the teams best interests at heart I'm sure. Without him the colts playing first grade would certainly crumble. He may not be ideal, but he's all we got at present. Seriously - who else we got at present?
  14. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse QCup Player

    Not dramatic. Daruis Boyd's attitude, body language and performance (as captain) this year are not what we want to see in Broncos colors again. IMO he is disgrace. The captain thing with Boyd has not worked out. In fact I think Darius Boyd's gig as captain is raping our clubs culture up the ass - (now that's dramatic) but not far off the truth either.

    I don't care if it's Turps or who ever -just get rid of Macca lol. Gotta start a fresh somehow. This Broncos team is so stale in some positions.

    Bird for captain.
  15. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse QCup Player

    When asked about how he feels about being moved back to the wing Isaako said something along the lines of - (yeah I don't mind, it gives me a chance to watch and learn off Darius Boyd this week doing his thing at the back there against the cowboys). Man... close your eyes son. By all means listen to the advice from Daruis but by crikey DO NOT do what he does on the field.

    I get what you are saying Jedhead we are thin on leadership but Boyd's done (at least at fullback).
  16. Skathen

    Skathen BRL Player

    Disagree there would be none. The team leaking 30 odd points a couple of weeks out from the finals against a bottom end team combined with the farce last week is totally unacceptable. Everyone's in the firing line for that.
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  17. I did. It came straight after Sims had done some fantastic work. It looked to me that Sims was holding back his response and wasn't agreeing with Milford's comments. They both may have been doing the right thing and it was just a timing thing but it was ugly and didn't scream team harmony.
  18. I think the comment is more a reflection on just how much of a spud McCullough really is. At the moment the general consensus is, anybody would do a better job than A.McC.

    ****.....throw the goal post the no.9 jersey. We know he can defend well, so we won't lose anything by trying it.
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  19. The worst thing to happen was him getting selected for QLD. He's now a "rep" player.

    He's one of the most average 200+ gamers the Broncos have ever seen, which normally I'd say who cares, salary cap management, etc. This dude is in the 9, which for me is if not the most important position, it's at least the second after halfback, and he's got a **** lock on it for 80 minutes a week.

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  20. johnny plath

    johnny plath QCup Player

    Not specifically picking out Boyd, but at Bennetts presser it would have been nice if instead of saying he was happy with the effort, he could have said something along the lines of " the Broncos are a proud club with high standards, and at the moment we have players in the team that aren't meeting the high expecation that comes along with playing for the World's premiere rugby club. They know who they are, and need a hard look at themselves or they'll be shown the door." its clear to me that some players don't appreciate who they play for, or have any understatnding of what is expected if you wear broncos colours
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