PRE-GAME Round 23 - Broncos vs Rabbitohs


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NRL - Round 23
Friday, 23rd of August, 2019

1. Anthony Milford
5. Jamayne Isaako
3. Kotoni Staggs
4. Alex Glenn
2. Corey Oates
6. Darius Boyd
7. Sean O'Sullivan
8. Matthew Lodge
9. Andrew McCullough
10. Payne Haas
11. David Fifita
12. Matt Gillett
13. Joe Ofahengaue

14. James Segeyaro
15. Thomas Flegler
16. Gehamat Shibasaki
17. Patty Carrigan

18. Rhys Kennedy
19. Izaia Perese
20. Shaun Fensom
21. Fanitesi Niu
1. Adam Doueihi
2. Dane Gagai
3. James Roberts
4. Kyle Turner
5. Campbell Graham
6. Cody Walker
7. Adam Reynolds
8. Sam Burgess
9. Damien Cook
10. Liam Knight
11. John Sutton
12. Jaydn Su'A
13. Cameron Murray

14. Mark Nicholls
15. Ethan Lowe
16. Dean Britt
17. Tevita Tatola

18. Tom Amone
19. Corey Allan
20. Bayley Sironen
21. Connor Tracey
Coach: Anthony SeiboldCoach: Wayne Bennett
Referees: Ben Cummins, Henry Perenara
Sideline Officials: Nick Beashel, Kasey Badger
Video Referees: Jared Maxwell, Ben Galea
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Kickoff: 7:55 pm
Broadcast: Channel 9; Foxleague; Kayo
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Thinking Milf gets a fine (Maloney got suspended for repeat infringements).
Turps grade 1... the guy didn't even go off for a HIA
TPJ will be in trouble... not a classic Storm cheating cunts crusher, but they will crack down, because NRL


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I'd go:

1. Isaako
2. Oates
3. Staggs
4. Boyd
5. Farnworth
6. SOS/Dearden
7. Turps
8. Haas (c) (vc) (wk)
9. Macca
10. Lodge
11. Glenn
12. Fifita
13. Carrigan

14. Segs
15. Joffa
16. Kennedy
17. Perese


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Actually we can use the Billy Slater defence for TPJ.

"Watching all the footage of Maloney. I went into the game never seeing Maloney sit himself up forward like a toddler learning to walk to play the ball. How could I possibly imagine that Maloney would forget how to stand up correctly."


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I imagine we’ll be up for this game after the game earlier in the season. I haven’t watched Souths for ages, but apparently they aren’t going great? We aren’t either, though tonight was a better showing. Again no real idea who’s going to win this one.


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Tpj is always bloody suspended for the big games. Always lets himself and the team down.
Unfortunately, it's the price you pay for a player with that kind of enthusiasm. I think it is worth it as it inspires others when he is on song, but like tall is before him, and Andrew Gee before tallis, they can cost you a suspension or even lose a game through something silly.
- Merged

I hope Glenn is back for this one, and surely we must have a half out there that plays there.
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