PRE-GAME Round 5 - Rabbitohs vs Broncos


Just a Game
Aug 28, 2010
Who remembers feeling excited on game day... Good times.
To be fair I got a bit entitled in that 2015-16 period when we almost never lost. The win was a forgone result. At least now I feel strong emotions again, it’s just that those emotions are sickening levels of anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness.


U18 Player
Jul 20, 2017
I see Souths as atleast a 4+ Tries better side.

Probably go alright for the first 15-20 before the weight of sustained efficient possession breaks their backs.

36-6 Souths.
It's sad that I'd be kinda ok to take 36-6 as a result right now. This is where we are at.


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Jul 28, 2016
I give us a better chance in this game compared to storm, but I still think we get hammered.

Melbourne's game plan is absolutely relentless on both sides of the ball and they have been belting us for about 15yrs now. We just can't match their intensity and don't have the strike power to hit them when they give us an opportunity.

Souths will give you a little leeway in the middle forwards and are a little less intense in defence, so if we turn up we could actually have a game.... that's a big fucking IF though.

Souths attack is just ridiculous, they easily have the best spine in the comp and ARey's kicking game ensures they will get some portion of the field position to attack us from (regardless of their middles go forward). Although no Cody tonight 🤔 (Latrell to likely have a monster game as the primary attacking option in the spine with Cody out)

We're also still in fifo conditions, which is when we are horrendous.


State of Origin Rep
Jul 28, 2016
I feel like everyone is kind of hoping that TPJ and Asiata absolutely kill it tonight at lock so we can see Carrigan move into the prop rotation... reckon even Wolfie Wolfie would be happy to see TPJ kill it with the 13 jersey on


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Mar 4, 2008
Seriously our halves are dog shit. Dearden ain’t the answer either. He can go to the cowboys now
Dearden is only 20. That's the problem with playing halves too early, you can't really make a proper call on them until they are at least 22 or 23. They've got more learning and developing to do than any other position.

Dearden could become a gun player in a few years, or he could just become shit too.

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