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Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by I bleed Maroon, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. I bleed Maroon

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    I have to say, I'm less than impressed so far. He looks like a deer in the headlights at the moment. This is the worst start to a season for us since, wait for it, Henjaks last year in charge. He seems unwilling to make necessary changes, he doesn't seem to be able to fly up his team after a putrid performance like last week... That effort tonight, after getting towelled up so badly both on field and off is pretty telling. This team just don't care, and I'm beginning to wonder if they even like Seibold, because they certainly aren't responding when it's clear he's under the pump.
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  2. mitch222

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    Feels like the gus Gould five year plan tbh
  3. Renegade

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    well at least we can look forward to some sex tapes.
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  4. broncsgoat

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    **** me, even I held back from posting a thread like this.
  5. theshed

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    I’ll give him half a season to see how his process works out. I won’t be too harsh on him yet despite our record. It’s also a very green team, it’s hard for any coach.

    I would like to see him make some changes to the line up. Something in the spine mostly. If he keeps ignoring that issue I’ll lose patience with him.
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  6. winslow_wong

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    I don’t get why he’s still using Bennett’s team. Why won’t he be his own man and make some changes?
  7. Foordy


    because you need to have the personnel to make the changes with ...
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  8. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    I'll tell you what.

    When Seibs inevitably gets shafted from the coaching role, I'll have a job for him.

    If he can turn one season of average results into a five year contract with the Brisbane Broncos, he must be one hell of a salesman.
  9. 007

    007 QCup Player

    This thread is not necessary. This is not Seibolds fault currently.

    This guy has a roster, set up by Bennett. There currently isn't sufficient depth to replace some positions that are critical. Not even a grand chess master can swap enough players around to fix the problems currently. Add to that, the squad is young, the cap is loaded, long expensive contracts exist and we are still negotiating with a few potential players.

    There is no easy solution but to make best do with current squad, which will mean results like this. While we are paying 700 to players like Boyd, 1.0m to milf, 700 Bird, 800k? to Haas and potentially negotiating with TPJ - we are literally stuck. Knock all of them down 100K and you then have a game manager Half in the squad.

    The discussion could go on about what players get what, but the contracts are done and there's bugger all room to do much purchasing wise.
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  10. teampjta

    teampjta QCup Player

    I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t watched SOS play, but based on the fact he trained the preseason down, impressed MJohns and is turning 21 in a few months, he must be either

    A) Another ball running 6


    B) An absolutely terrible halfback with no organising or kicking skills

    If he can’t get a place in the team, when we clearly could with a traditional 7
  11. I agree the thread isn't needed, it's way too early to make any real assessment of Seibold, I'm giving it at least 10 rounds before I'm willing to make a call either way but all I'm hearing is excuses to make this anything but Seibold's fault.

    In his own words if you're picked in the NRL you do your job. Well if you're hired as coach in the NRL you do your **** job. Right now Des Hasler is doing better with a team that was penned for the wooden spoon.

    If we fail this season, Sebiold's ass is on the line, no professional worth their salt would blame it on the last guy. No one is expecting a premiership in season 1 but if we are not in the top 8 Seibold has failed and his contract would have KPIs (I hope) that would put his position in jeopardy.

    We are the Broncos, we don't accept not making the 8 and rebuilding crap, we've got a roster that is top 4, and I was being super try hard objective about the overall 1-17 it's at the least a top 8 by any standard.

    I'm rooting for Seibold all the way and I expect he'll turn this around once he gets to grips with the playing group and what they're all individually capable (or incapable) of but I'm also not giving him any excuses. He was happy to take the highest pressure coaching job in the sport he'd better be prepared to accept the responsibility and expectations that come with it.
  12. This team has been getting worse year by year since 2015, year the "master coach" was presented with a much better team and roster than the one he left us with. Nothing new under the sun, just ask dragqueens and knights... Bennett has again done a fantastic job of poisoning the well.

    Sure, the usual suspects will probably say we have one of, if not the best crop of young forwards in the competition and a top 4 roster (ROFL), but with no one capable of leading them around the park, an absolute joke of a captain and horrible habits ingrained, Seibs really has his work cut out for him, especially because he has no depth to change what needs to be changed.

    I just hope the club's management has the vision to allow Seibs the time to clean all the rot left behind, no matter whom it upsets.
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  13. Looks you like eat the Matty Johns show talk right up.
  14. I didn't watch the Matty Johns show, but nah, I think for myself. You should try it instead of regurgitating the WB fanboy, Boyd defense and anti-Macca tripe week by week...

    None of what I said is new. I've had this opinion for years and unfortunately predicted we would end up in this predicament.
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  15. So has Matty Johns!
  16. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    If he poisoned the well, why the **** did he try and stay here for two more years?

    Taking aside everyone here's, including myself, expectation of the squad this year, do a search and look at pre-season articles published for months by the rugby league media. This was the squad seibold was meant to take to the next level, instead we're going backwards.

    Seibs does have his work cut out for him, because he doesn't have the ability or the skillset required to win a premiership. He's obviously a gun salesman though so that could always work out for him once he inevitably gets his contract paid out in 12 months time. 5 years pay for 18 months work, not bad seibs, good sell...

    I honestly hope the clubs management realises what theyve done. Locky not being able to speak tonight is an indication this is happening. Gordy might be a bafoon... but is every single person and ex player who is doubting seibold also a bafoon??? the wagons are circling, the drums are beating louder, the shine is wearing off, the shit is hitting the fan.... hes a wolf dressed up in sheeps wool.. a fraud.

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  17. 007

    007 QCup Player

    Whats your opinion on the moon landing? Do you think the earth is flat?

    Lay off the XXXX and grab some sleep mate.
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  18. Maddy1to9

    Maddy1to9 NYC Player

    Every time I see Anthony.S's face - he seem to be a guy suffering from constipation. Sort out your shit moron. Stop freaking say it's only "Round X" and act fast.

    I am absolutely gutted with the way we're going round to round. This is a club that demands success and you have sucked so far. No single player is bigger than the club & it's brand. If any player thinks otherwise, they're most welcome to bugger off. I demand success. Show me the results.
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  19. You're absolutely right. 3 years of football constantly getting worse with the previous coach is nothing to baulk at, but 5 rounds of the same tripe with an inherited roster, is evidence of Seibold's coaching ability. Cool story man!
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    Well in that case... great minds and all that!

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