NEWS Shayne Hayne drops by training to give Brisbane Broncos a boost

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    Shayne Hayne drops by training to give Brisbane Broncos a boost

    Joel Reporter
    Wed 6 Feb 2019, 06:01 AM
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    Former NRL referee Shayne Hayne has given the Broncos the thumbs up on several fronts after attending Tuesday’s training session as coach Anthony Seibold prepares for a season which will be officiated differently to last year.
    New NRL head of elite football Graham Annesley wants referees to "stay out of the game" unless necessary in 2019, as they did in the final months of the 2018 season after chief executive Todd Greenberg said in July he wanted match officials to find the right balance in the flow of the game and reduce "nit-picking".
    Hayne, who refereed 328 NRL matches, has relocated to Brisbane in his new role as the NRL’s transitional coach for referees. He said he would spend more time at Broncos, Titans and Cowboys training in his role where the focus will be transitioning the next crop of referees into the Telstra Premiership.
    Intrust Super Cup referees Tyson Brough and Ethan Menchin officiated the Brisbane session under Hayne’s guidance. Another young refereeing prospect, Belinda Sleeman, has also been involved in recent Broncos training runs.
    "It is important that we have the opportunity to bring them here to these sessions so … when it is time for them to get the tap on the shoulder they have a rough idea idea of what they are going to expect," Hayne said.
    "The Broncos were really good here today. They were good around the ruck and good on the 10 [metre line], and it was good for our guys to come here and have that game simulation. I think the players appreciate it too with regard to the standards that are going to be set throughout the year."
    NRL referee Belinda Sleeman officiates a Broncos training session.©
    Hayne backed Annesley's directive and said referees would be "looking for that free-flowing type of football".
    "This year Graham has come in and he wants more open footy so I think you will see a different style from the referees," Hayne said.
    "Last year they just stuck to what they were told to do, whether we agreed with it or not. They did a great job.
    "The way the back end of the season was and the semi-final series, I think everyone seemed to like that style of footy, so I think that is the way things will start out."
    Seibold also supported Annesley's tack and said more free-flowing football would result when the ball was in the play longer. The Broncos are training for that outcome in preparation for the season kick-off.
    "As a coach, or a rugby league person, I want to see the ball in play. It is one of the things that differentiates our game from other sports,” Seibold said.
    "Traditionally on average the ball in play in the NRL has been 56 minutes and I think it was down to 53 minutes last year.
    "Super Rugby, from what I understand is 30-odd minutes. We don’t want to be going backwards."
    Seibold has ensured official referees have been a feature at Broncos training recently.
    "We’ve had the refs come down twice a week for three weeks and it is good when we are doing our 13 [man] opposed [sessions]. It means we get an extra staff member and rather than having a trainer doing the refereeing we have official referees," he said.
    Hayne said he was also impressed with the Broncos' goal line defence after observing their session, feedback that was music to Seibold's ears.
    "We want to work hard on it. It was really good at times last year and at other times it was only average, but we’ve just got to continue to make it a focus," Seibold said.

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    That’s easy, police, crackdown and penalise the WWE Storm. We need to elimate/reduce the wrestling
    Sin bin then sending David Peachy was the highlight of this guys career. Good on ya Shayne.
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  4. Morkel


    How ironic that the two teams in the GF were:

    (1) The team that developed wrestling in order to slow down the PTB.
    (2) The team that developed giving away deliberate penalties whenever their line was threatened.

    I don't think "letting the game flow" means what they think it means.
  5. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    It does mean what they think it means, it just gets confused because reports keep cutting off the actual quote, what Todd said was - “letting the game flow at the tempo dictated by Robinson and Bellamy”.
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  6. BroncsFan

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    Easiest way to kerb it is to actually enforce the rules.

    If a team deliberately gives away penalties to prevent tries that's a professional foul and they should be in the bin or it should be a penalty try.

    So many times a deliberately offside player is tackling the opposition with the sole purpose of preventing a try... and yet the guilty team are just conceding a penalty, then they get a few more penalties before a warning pops up and if they're stupid enough to concede another one the rules are finally enforced. It's absolutely ridiculous!!

    If the refs are too scared to call it on the run they should just send up to vid ref and indicate that we may have a penalty try... that way everyone can see a blatant professional foul has occurred and the team either concede or lose a man... and the dinosaurs up in the commentary box have nothing to argue about.

    What the storm do is not illegal... the blatant chokes, arm bars, crushers, etc. Are penalised nowadays.

    What the storm do very well is make sure they get a player on their back... they're not doing it by choking them out they're doing it by locking up the ball and getting multiple players in to work them on their back.

    Smart teams have already figured out a way around this by having they're players look solely for quick play through the ruck by deliberately getting low and on their front. That's good coaching both ways... storm trying to slow down the ruck and the opposition looking for ways to speed it up.. that's modern football. You can complain about slow ruck speed all day, but really it's just poor coaching to not keep up with the tactics of the day. The refs can't penalize the defense because the ball carrier takes too long to get up of his back.

    The main thing that I have a serious issue with is this bullshit controlling of the game by the ref.. it leaves room for manufacturing of results and pisses me off as a fan when a team gets on top and looks like flogging the opposition only to have their momentum halted by phantom penalties that change the course of the game. That's not controlling the flow that's flat out manufacturing of the game to what they want and borders on match fixing.

    If a team is shit they deserve to be flogged... none of this bullshit from the ref where they'll call some but not others... call everything because it's the **** rules!!
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  7. Cult3

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    Yes it is. Their second and third movements after a tackle is made is 100% illegal.
  8. BroncsFan

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    So tackling around the legs is illegal nowadays....

    They're movements are obvious; first contact around the ball, second contact around the legs, first contact player works them onto their back, player around the legs gets off moves to second marker... rinse repeat....

    Soooooo illegal
  9. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    Yes, sometimes. The problem is when that player just so happens to end up on his stomach or standing, watch what happens next. That is when the Storm should be penalized but because of this weird thought process that every single tackle they make is perfect they get away with it.

    Also wtf, I said their second and third movements are illegal, not the leg tackles that the Storm very rarely make anyway
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  10. I bleed Maroon

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  11. BroncsFan

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    The second or third movement is typically someone coming in to wrap up the legs, hence legs tackle...
  12. abashii

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    They also wrestle on the ground even when they're getting off the tackled player. They manipulate and control the players hands and arms to stop them being able to lever themselves off the ground and play the ball.
  13. Gaz

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    And they practice rolling over and getting up when placed on their backs and held in a similar position. Hopefully we'll learn that too.
  14. Battler

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    The second ref needs to just focus on the ruck. Train him/her in BJJ and whatever the hell else the storm implement and have them watch the ruck like a hawk. The main ref can handle the rest of the game easily enough, it would also stop clashes between the refs and inconsistency during the game.

    EDIT: also have a team of martial experts review games to see if clubs infamous for pushing the boundaries are trying to implement new and whacky stuff over the course of the season.
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  15. JAHHW

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    There is already a team of martial arts experts reviewing games...
  16. Morkel


    This is what's supposed to be happening now. At least the one ref focussing on the ruck. The reason that clubs keep getting away with stuff is obvious. The video ref is the one deciding who to penalise and when.
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