-NEWS- Staggs in strife again

The NRL's Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (aka Integrity Unit) is shit sifting Kotoni Stagg's sauced up antics at the Eatons Hill Hotel over Easter. They have requested CCTV footage hoping to indentify a woman who can help them stitch up Kotoni.

The story currently circulating alleges the NSWelshman was on the turps with his mates before heading to the Eatons Hill Hotel in search of some action. All fine until just before 3am when the Broncos centre mustered the courage to make his move on one of a gaggle of women. Staggs tried his signature move of extending his arm around her but this time it didn't work. The lady nightowl allegedly didn't care for Stagg's advance and asked him to keep his mitts to himself. Bouncers intervened and promptly turfed the highly eligible bachelor out on his ear. And that was the end of that. Until the NRL got wind of it.

So now Kotoni has run afoul of the code's moral guardians 3 times in 12 months. Not a good look for the player holding the entire club to ransom over his contract.

Top NRL Mullah Andrew Abdo said this of his last incident back in February:

“We have issued him with a $10,000 fine and most importantly, he has to complete an education course and he has to meet with me personally and the head of integrity, together with the club CEO, before he is permitted to play again. We want him to understand the impact of his words on people and the responsibility that players have to the community. His language is utterly unacceptable but this is about making sure he understands the impact of that and actually changes."



“There are three components - the fine, the education course and making sure he sits down with us. Getting them to meet with me is not the silver bullet, but I want to explain to them the impact this has on their personal brand, on the club brand and on the game’s brand and then there are two ways they can go from there."

“This is important in relation to Kotoni which is why we want to meet with him before he returns to the field.”


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