State of Origin 3 - Build Up Thread

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Tamou will be back in for game 3, so not as much as a blow as it could of been..
NSW could go out to try and prove something without him though but I reckon they need him in the side.

Big Pete

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Good initiative subs!

I reckon Gallen will be right. He'll want to use his injury as a way to inspire his troops and break that 7 year hoodoo and it could very well work.

If he's gone then I expect to see Tamou & Grant. Both should come into the side regardless but I expect Hoffman to retain his spot due to Gallen's injury.

Farah will be better for the run in Game 2 and Hayne's return should definitely provide the Blues with plenty of lift.

Hopefully Polar strings some good performances together and earns himself a bench spot.


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You'd think Gallen would juice up and I think his presence/leadership on the field, even if its in stints of 20 minutes will be beneficial for the blues.


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Tamou has his court thing like the day before, doesn't he? He might not play. Gallen is a huge blow for them though. He's pretty much their only consistently great front rower/lock.


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It would be a massive blow for NSW as Gallen is such a vital member of the team but he will do everything possible to get himself fit for Game 3. If he is out I think Fensom or Mateo would be capable replacements.


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Is Mateo a blue?

I want him to play otherwise the blues will just say they could have won if he was playing


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I'd be so annoyed if I was a Sharks fan, Gallen has/will be non-existent during the entire origin period.


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If they pick Hannant then NSW won't be able to contain our forwards. Scott, Parker, Myles, Hannant etc will roll over the top of them.

I met Hannant before the game on Wednesday. He is a top bloke. Shocked how big he was in person.


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Tamou or Grant will be there for sure, both will be there if Gallen is out but I'm 99% certain he will play. He'd play at 80% and still be more important than whoever replaces him. Either way, Hannant MUST be in the team, he was crazy unlucky not to be there Wednesday night IMO. We'll need him and Scott to take the punishment in the first 10-20mins, and to give it back later in the game.

I expect NSW to come out much as we did on Wednesday night (and they did in Game I). We'll need to absorb it without leaking too many points, then counter strongly when we get half a chance. Hayne back for the Blues will be a massive threat - and if they keep Dugan as well, with one on poor Merritt's wing, it will definitely be something we need to watch. Going to be a hell of a game, and I expect it will be very, very tight once again. Bring it on!!


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Either Hayne or Stewart should be at fullback IMO. Players who know how to pass and create opportunities for others. Because otherwise you'll likely be relying on flukes once again.

Black Philip

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The teams I'd select


1. Hayne
2. B.Morris
3. Jennings
4. J.Morris
5. Idris
6. Maloney/Carney
7. Pearce
8. Gallen/Merrin
9. Farah
10. Tamou
11. Lewis
12. Hoffman
13. Bird

14. Grant
15. Merrin/Snowden
16. Fifita
17. Watmough


1. Slater
2. Boyd
3. Inglis
4. Hodges
5. Tate
6. Thurston
7. Cronk
8. Scott
9. Smith
10. Myles
11. McQueen
12. Thaiday
13. Parker

14. Hannant
15. Gillett
16. Te'o
17. Papalii

No place for DCE in what will be a massive forward battle in Sydney. Hannant adding to the momentum up the middle will be needed, Myles and Scott won't be enough by themselves this time.

As for the Blues, Hayne was a great attacking threat for them in the first game so I'd slot him straight in at fullback. Dugan was ok, but he's nowhere near as good as Hayne. Merritt obviously has to go. Did he even take the game seriously? His error leading to Boyd's first try was disgraceful, it was as if he was only out to try and hassle Inglis (who gave him a pretty big spray at one point IIRC). Idris has been in fine form for the Titans, having a big man on their right flank may help stop an Inglis break. Carney in for Maloney if he is gone and Merrin to start with Snowden coming onto the bench should Gallen be out. Hoffman needs to be used more effectively. I don't rate him that highly at all, but if the blues are gonna persist with him at least have him running at holes for God's sake. Tamou is a piece of shit, but NSW need some capable big fellas if they are going to win the forward battle, same goes for Tim Grants inclusion and Aaron Woods' dropping. He just wasn't up to scratch.

Should be a good, hard fought game. I think Queensland can win, they just need to keep their heads on and play with the same controlled aggression as in game 2. NSW have a big task ahead of them if they're gonna stop Queensland's momentum heading into this one, even on home turf. They were thoroughly smashed and will likely be missing their captain who is also one of their best forwards. I'm sure the Blues won't go out without a fight, but I don't think they have it in them to overturn the steel resolve of the Queenslanders.
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