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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2013' started by Big Pete, Jun 26, 2013.

    I was staring for a while wondering what his problem was. There isn't one. What a whinging little bitch.
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    Damn right...I can clearly remember one point in the game where NSW were playing the ball ON one of the 'yardage' lines - and where did Hayne have us? CLEARLY 2-3m behind the next line, so 12-13m back. The crowd let our a massive "BOO" haha..I was thinking the same. And Daley goes and has a whinge about how we weren't back 10m but they were being pushed back 12-13m? WTF game was he watching? Colourblind and watching Game I? :winky:
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  2. I think the onsets of alzheimer's are coming on........seriously.
    I heard your mate Girds on the radio today complaining the referees never "afforded" NSW the same chance to win the game as QLD.

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    Lol yeah watching the game I was thinking surely Pearce is at the last chance saloon. Will be interesting to see if the Blues hold their nerve and stick with Maloney and Pearce. I was leaning towards dropping Pearce and bringing in Carney but now I think they'll drop Maloney and choose Reynolds.

    Time for the facts of life Laurie: NSW have been held scoreless for nearly 2 hours of game time so far this series.
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    I think Maloney and Reynolds could form a potent combination; Carney/Maloney the same, but for mine Reynolds seems to have a bit more of the X-factor than Carney. Pearce has zip in that department though haha.. I'd be worried about Maloney/Reynolds after a few games together. Reynolds was good in his limited time/space in Game II and Maloney showed in Game I what he was capable of, he was just overawed in Game II - I wouldn't be too surprised if he never turns in such a bad performance at Origin level again.

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