State of Origin - Game II - Post Match Discussion


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Damn right...I can clearly remember one point in the game where NSW were playing the ball ON one of the 'yardage' lines - and where did Hayne have us? CLEARLY 2-3m behind the next line, so 12-13m back. The crowd let our a massive "BOO" haha..I was thinking the same. And Daley goes and has a whinge about how we weren't back 10m but they were being pushed back 12-13m? WTF game was he watching? Colourblind and watching Game I? :winky:
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No idea why NSW would be complaining about the referees TBH like Laurie said we lost the game fair and square and were beaten by a far better team. There were a few decisions I didn't agree with but I can't remember the last game of anything I've watched were I've agreed with every single decision by the referees.
I heard your mate Girds on the radio today complaining the referees never "afforded" NSW the same chance to win the game as QLD.



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also funny that nsw are supposedly looking at dumping Maloney, when he's been miles better than the golden boy Pearce lol. Pearce has played like 10 origins and is yet to even have a decent performance in a single one, yet they just keep picking him lol
Lol yeah watching the game I was thinking surely Pearce is at the last chance saloon. Will be interesting to see if the Blues hold their nerve and stick with Maloney and Pearce. I was leaning towards dropping Pearce and bringing in Carney but now I think they'll drop Maloney and choose Reynolds.

Time for the facts of life Laurie: NSW have been held scoreless for nearly 2 hours of game time so far this series.


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I think Maloney and Reynolds could form a potent combination; Carney/Maloney the same, but for mine Reynolds seems to have a bit more of the X-factor than Carney. Pearce has zip in that department though haha.. I'd be worried about Maloney/Reynolds after a few games together. Reynolds was good in his limited time/space in Game II and Maloney showed in Game I what he was capable of, he was just overawed in Game II - I wouldn't be too surprised if he never turns in such a bad performance at Origin level again.

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