State of Origin - Game II - Post Match Discussion


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Just watching the replay now and geez I hope they stick with Reynolds for game 3, his service was slow and he was a speed bump at best in defence. I've also just noticed how much a grub this fuckwit is as well; trying to stamp on peoples ankles when there making a tackle and dropping knees onto there legs when they are tackled.
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Meanwhile, NSW assistant coach Brad Fittler today slammed whistleblowers Shayne Hayne and Ashley Klein over their performances.

"I've got to say, the referees could not get Queensland back on side. They refused to penalise them,'' he told Sky Sports Radio.

"I was standing behind the line and there was a lot of talk during the week (where) Queensland spoke about our markers being askew.

"I think we got penalised leading into the first try for that.

"I don't think Queensland were penalised all night for their offside.

"It would have been quite frustrating when you've got a lack of energy from fatigue and the other side is just rushing (off the line in defence).''

"We were aware that we weren't going to get 50-50 (calls), that's just the nature of the beast,'' he said.

"That's why it's tough up here - they're always going to go with (the home team).''

Poor Freddie needs a waambulance.
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Holy ****! I mean I know that the tele is pretty ridiculous at the best of times but seriously how is Paul crawley a journalist? Not only are his opinions simply wrong, but his opinion is so fucking biased he says 'we' instead of NSW. To top it all off his journalistic writing style is akin to a 12 year old. Honestly, who says "get this" in this style of writing, I'm surprised he didn't use SMS language

Big Pete

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It's just journos trying to capitilise on a seething NSW market and giving them the platform to vent.


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What did everyone make of the call against Hoffman for a knock-on early in the game in a gang tackle both me and my dad thought it was stripped.

My first reaction was he was trying to get his arms free to pass around the corner and there were hands all over the place. 50-50 for mine


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Enough evidence for a call either way on the Hoffman knock on. I watched the replay this morning and really that was the only real 50/50 call


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Gordy interviewing hodgo after the game about the sin bin.
Gordon: So did you throw any punches ?
Hodges: Well I came in swinging, dunno if any connected though

Haha crack up


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The look on Hodges' face when he got called out was PRICELESS - "Who, me? Me? Are you sure you want me??" Hahaha...

Amazing game - that was even more dominant than a couple of years back when our forwards were apparently too old and slow after getting beaten up in Game II and we came out in the decider and blasted them off the park in the first 20mins.

Can't fault QLD at all, everyone stood up. Don't understand the McQueen hate, I thought he was great for his second game. He'll see a lot more Origins, along with Teo and Gillette. Big Papa was great, solid without trying to be too much of a battering ram and losing the plot. The big guns were brilliant, as they had to be. Slater looked like he was on one leg for most of the match, think he got rattled up a bit while making a tackle early on? I liked seeing JT, Cronk and DCE all together - never knew who was going to kick. Look forward to DCE playing many, many more Origins - I thought he was pretty good in the middle too, he's obviously not used to the position and had bigger guys running at him than he's used to but he didn't let us down IMO.

As far as NSW - disappointing really (but I don't mind!) Jennings, Reynolds and Fifita stood out to me as playing very aggressively. Maloney was a speed bump this game - welcome to Origin at Suncorp! Kicking was SHIT = brilliant :winky: I thought Pearce's running game was dangerous a couple of times during the match, but that was about it. Dugan was pretty good, looked semi-dangerous in attack but misread his position a bit in defence. I actually felt sorry for Merritt, I like him as a player but it was always going to be a HUGE ask on Inglis' edge. Epic fail. Farah and Gallen are the only keys really, and we shut both down brilliantly lastnight. A few of the usually-solid players went missing lastnight, Watmough in particular.

As far as the incident - my mate and I both agreed at half time it would happen if a) QLD came out and continued the rout with early points (check); b) it would be on inside 10-15mins (13mins = check!) Merrin and Hodges both had to go, they both threw punches. Tate should not have gone, he was reacting to Gallen laying on top in the tackle for an ETERNITY, that should have been a penalty before it even got to the push - they were doing it all game trying to slow us down, especially near their line. Jennings was damn lucky, I actually thought he came in worse than Bird did - and Bird should feel hard done by, no way should he have gone either. The refs clearly lost it.

Slater's elbow was a reaction to Pearce's shot on him in the tackle, penalty as given was sufficient. The only real bad call though was at the start with the two strips - nearly identical, with opposite results. That was pretty bad, if the one against NSW was a strip so should the next one have been. Oh and the coathanger to Hodges was probably worthy of a week on the sidelines but didn't get charged? And at one point NSW were playing the ball ON a line, while the ref had QLD back at least 2-3m back the other side of the next line, clearly well over the 10m - crowd started giving them hell with the BS chant. I have to mention the crowd in general - the sound of it warmed the cockles in my heart :tongue_smilie: There is NOTHING better than Suncorp at full song!!!

Whinging Blues Gallen and Farah annoyed the shit out of me. Laughed so hard when Parker was talking to one of the refs at one point and he stuck his fingers in his ear and basically said "sorry mate, not listening!"

Looking forward to Game III - Hayne should be back, it's in Sydney and they will not let themselves be embarrassed like lastnight down there - look out Maroons. Conversely, the Maroons have now woken up, and that game HAS to have dented the new-found Blues' "confidence that we can beat QLD" in a pretty big way, they had absolutely no answer to that first 20mins. It's there for the taking, I think either are capable - the hungrier team wins. It will be very close.


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Gallens about to tell his opinions and thoughts of the game on Sterlo,
I can't stand his smug fat face
Agree 100%. I was surprised that Sterlo thought NSW should have received the penalty from the Tate push as that would have prevented the punches being thrown. How about penalise Gallen for taking an eternity to get off JT. . .


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Seems to be one of those players whose efforts aren't immediately noticeable. I admit after watching Game 1, I thought McQueen was a passenger. Have watched both games several times now and he has been a solid contributor both times. He hasn't let the team down and will only get better.


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Agree 100%. I was surprised that Sterlo thought NSW should have received the penalty from the Tate push as that would have prevented the punches being thrown. How about penalise Gallen for taking an eternity to get off JT. . .
Yeah, barely anyones spoke about how long gallen was on him.
Noticed how no matter what anyone asks gallen he always seems to mention "things went they're way, or they got the rub of the green"
The man is too obsessed with origin, and seems to not give a shit about playing for the sharks during origin period.
He just so desperatly wants to be the captain to break QLD's streak


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Just watched that play on halftime with the Cronk inside ball to Slater.

If Billy tipped instead of the cut out ball, we definitely would have scored. I know it's a moot point, but still.

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