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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2013' started by Big Pete, Jun 26, 2013.

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    God I love hodgo, he's such a champ
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    We blew so many opportunities

    1. Inglis streaking away with only pearce to beat, yet he passed way too early to Boyd who then threw an intercept.
    2. All hodges had to do was catch and pass and tate was in, but he thought too far ahead and instead knocked it into the nsw player
    3. Boyd i think couldve taken that kick on the full had he put his foot down.
    4. Towards the end of the game a bomb went up, slater batted it back and mcqueen knocked it on basically on the try line. Sitter!
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  3. I agree, I may be wrong but I thought the pass to hodges was ruled forward ?
  4. Mister Wright

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    No. It was ruled a knock on by Hodges.
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    Which goes to show we still have some execution problems to work on. If QLD had of been truely clinical they would have at least got 40. IMO it's good that they weren't 100% clinical and means they can do even better in the last game. They'll have to be better as N.S.W. will be even if they don't have Gallen.
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  6. My bad
  7. Funny. Game 1 the Bluesers were dominant and they said their only room for improvement was better execution and fewer errors.
    Game 2, the Maroons were dominant and the only room for improvement is better execution and fewer errors...
  8. The funny part is how all doom-sayers have quietly avoided this thread... :001_tt2:

    Only change I'd make for Sydney's game 3 would be Hannant in (if he maintains the form he showed last week) for DCE, if Thurston and Cronk maintain theirs and are fit and healthy.
    This is not a blemish on DCE, as he was quite good for his first stint in Origin, but because we'll probably need to contain the NSW'kers a bit better, and make meters in attack against the rub of the green, which is a certainty given the blews whining!
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  9. Browny

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    Yep Tamou should be back so Hannant is a must
  10. Morkel


    Correct, but if you look at the pass it was a hard one to take. I suspect Hodges was supposed to get the ball outside his man - looked like that's how the pass was thrown, flat and wide to beat the defender, but either Hodges had his line wrong (he normally gets those on the inside of his defender), or the defence (Jennings?) read it well.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Kaz

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  13. 20 minutes in is Thaidays big run at Maloney. I nearly feel sorry for him.
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  14. "Well James Maloney is going to have Thaiday stud marks on him when he goes home today" :loool:
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  15. Morkel


    Paul Kent is a biased sore loser:

    Kent on Saturday: Game has left refs in a Sticky situation |


    BECAUSE it is what they do, Queenslanders have already started ridiculing NSW's concerns about the standard of refereeing in Origin II.

    The Maroons always twist it their way, which we've often overlooked over the years because, well, they're Queenslanders, and have always felt a little intimidated by big brother down south.

    They accuse NSW of not "picking and sticking" when changes are made, for example, while claiming it is a "succession plan" when they make changes.

    But it's time we started pointing out a few realities.

    And here's a simple example of why NSW feel aggrieved following the performance of Shayne Hayne and Ashley Klein on Wednesday.

    This set of six came during NSW's darkest period, behind 14-0 when they still hadn't arrested Queensland's amazing dominance to open the game.

    With NSW working out of their own territory Hayne goes back 10m and the Queenslanders form almost a perfect defensive line (picture one), they just happen to be all offside except for winger Darius Boyd on the left sideline.Hayne can be heard on the audio several times telling the Queensland players to come back to him.

    Some do, and join Boyd onside, while others think Hayne clearly doesn't realise he is in Queensland. In picture two you can even see Hayne's right hand behind him as he is gesturing to the Maroons to get onside.

    By picture three he has given up and, instead of penalising Queensland for offside, which might raise the ire of some 50,000 Queensland fans, is instead starting to take a step forward to where the Queenslanders are standing.

    That's the other way to ensure the line is onside.


    Look again K*nt. Queensland are standing back the 10. Easily. The ref is just 13 metres away from the PTB. While Qld technically should be in line with the ref, they're clearly too focussed on doing their job, so are keeping a proper 10 without looking to see where the ref is. Typically, NSW would only be happy if Qld were marched 12 - 14 like game 1.
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    Yeh I don't know how nsw can complain based on those pics lol. Yes we're about 1-2m in front of the ref, but the bloody ref is standing 13-14m back!!! If anything, those pics prove that we were the team that was being hard done by lol

    also funny that nsw are supposedly looking at dumping Maloney, when he's been miles better than the golden boy Pearce lol. Pearce has played like 10 origins and is yet to even have a decent performance in a single one, yet they just keep picking him lol mood for us, but fmd he must have some incriminating pics of someone on that selection board.
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  17. Browny

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    Only one play the ball as evidence in an 80 minute game FFS
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  18. New South Wales selectors are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the halfback position.

    They either stick with Pearce
    Play Carney (who's yet to really prove himself in big games) or Mullen out of position (lol, he's an even bigger choker than Carney!)
    Or blood Reynolds who's only in his second season

    IMO, they're better off picking and sticking this year and then calling in Reynolds next year when he's had a bit more seasoning.
  19. broncos4life

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    The nsw complaining is pathetic and tiresome. Even that dobbo guy who is as blue as they come said on his show today that farah needs to keep his mouth shut
    Not one of those pictures shows the Qld'ers offiside you muppet Kent. 10 meters is 10 meters!
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