LIVE State of Origin I - QLD vs NSW - Live Discussion


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Just more on Klemmer, I can't believe Fittler never brought him back on. Surely they needed him in the last 10?


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Can we talk about Papalii, he was massive tonight. Fucking fantastic effort with his runs and his bone crunching defence, he’s not the same player he once was his effort level was incredible for a big man!
He was a gun 2nd rower, then he started getting fatter and fatter, and decided "**** it, I'll be a gun front rower instead".
Munster also very good. I think he should have taken on teddy. Not sure what it looked like in tv... but thought he had him with 15 out


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Lol at the player ratings. Walker gets a 5. Cleary got a 7. Chambers got a 7.5(!).
Mbop got the lowest score (4). Did he even play?
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I'd seriously prefer Opacic. Maybe not Copley, not that bad. We have **** all centres. I wouldn't be against Milford 6 Munster centre but you don't change a winning spine IMO.
What about O'Neill? Are you that desperate?

Probably having his best year since 2016.

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Important question. Does Mitchell have the most punchable face in the game?

Great effort, boys. Drop Chambers, and on to game two!
Without a doubt, and is clearly a dumb **** too. What he was doing taking Gillett off the ball like that is beyond me

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Still can't get over that non penalty try. Just amazed.

Talk about a game of two halves. That set on their try line where we let them only make about 15m was a real momentum shift. Chambers comfortably the worst of the QLD side IMO. Hunt was pretty ordinary in the first half, but really turned it around in the second. Munster likewise. Ponga....just excellent. Figured out how to win, just cut Chambers out and give it to Dane "I just grew another leg" Gagai. DCE was excellent. Pappali and Kaufusi were great as well. Napa? Meh. Happy to get the win, but a few things need some tinkering. The **** was the point of Mbye? I just knew Kevvie would pull a Milford with him. At least Moses wasn't expected to come on and win the game. Did not even realise Walker was playing until he was hooked.

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