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    Queensland Under 20s team (squad in alphabetical order)

    Corey Allan (Brisbane Broncos)
    Alexander Brimson (Gold Coast Titans)
    Gerome Burns (Brisbane Broncos)
    Patrick Carrigan (Brisbane Broncos)
    Brodie Croft (Melbourne Storm)
    Mitch Dunn (NQ Cowboys)
    Harry Grant (Melbourne Storm)
    Keegan Hipgrave (Gold Coast Titans)
    Corey Horsburgh (NQ Cowboys)
    Bernard Lewis (Sydney Roosters)
    Keenan Palasia (Brisbane Broncos)
    Hiale Roycroft (NQ Cowboys)
    Tristan Sailor (St George Illawarra Dragons)
    Phillip Sami (Gold Coast Titans)
    Gehamat Shibasaki (Brisbane Broncos)
    Tom Skinner (Penrith Panthers)
    Jaydn Su'A (Brisbane Broncos)
    Apiata Noema-Matenga (Gold Coast Titans)

    Coach: Justin Hodges
    Assistant Coach: Scott Prince
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  1. The fact that Su'A is still eligible for U20's is amazing, feels like he's been around for years.
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  2. The NSW Under-20 team is as follows:

    1. Nick Meaney Newcastle Knights
    2. Isaac Lumelume Cronulla Sharks
    3. Jesse Ramien Cronulla Sharks
    4. Curtis Scott Melbourne Storm
    5. Reuben Garrick St George Illawarra Dragons
    6. Jai Field St George Illawarra Dragons
    7. Troy Dargan Parramatta Eels
    8. Emre Guler Canberra Raiders
    9. Reece Robson St George Illawarra Dragons
    10. Blake Lawrie St George Illawarra Dragons
    11. Cameron Murray South Sydney Rabbitohs
    12. Jack Murchie Canberra Raiders
    13. Nat Butcher Sydney Roosters

    14. Victor Radley Sydney Roosters
    15. Ray Stone Parramatta Eels
    16. Stefano Hala Penrith Panthers
    17. Billy Magoulias Cronulla Sharks

    18. Jai Whitbread Brisbane Broncos
  3. Foordy


    are the players in this game eligible to play NRL this weekend?
  4. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Carrigan I would say is no chance of passing the fitness test tomorrow. His elbow was going to keep him out for another three weeks.

    He'd be a great rep selection but, no dramas and would be great for the week.
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  5. Sproj


    Have NSW won five in a row in the under 20s?
  6. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    We haven't won the under 20s origin yet
  7. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    Has this started yet
  8. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

  9. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    14 - 6 to Queensland after 34.
  10. GKDonkey

    GKDonkey NRL Captain

    18-16 Blues way
  11. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    24-16 to the turds
  12. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Some good things but largely the norm for Queensland 20's. Croft was good and Sailor took his chances when they presented. But they just stopped after a while and New South Wales ran over them.

    Field just did everything too fast for Queensland.

    The period just before half time was the killer, similar to the main game.
  13. Sproj


    Not good signs for Qld looking into the future, a real lack of forwards coming through.
  14. Seems like all the good forwards coming through are in the 15-17 range instead of the 18-20 range, which is going to really suck ass for the next 5-6 years Origin wise.
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  15. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Not at all, we have never won the 20's Origin yet have won Origin.

    QAS will sort it out.
  16. ?..

    Napa, Milford & Oates are the only players who've played U20 Origin that have played for QLD, over the 5 years that it's been running. Napa & Milford are both winless at Origin level. How can you possibly justify your statement lol.

    Meanwhile NSW have brought in Cordner, Klemmer, Trbojevic, Bird, Walker, a few other fringe Origin players and a couple of guys who've played for Australia.

    Comparatively origin results over the last 5 years would be virtually unaffected by U20's, the more important comparison will be how we fair over the next 5 years now that all of these unsuccessful QLD U20's players are entering their "peak" years.
  17. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Thought the point was obvious, we have never won the 20's Origin and have had success in Origin. The QAS has produced much better results. Best being in 2014 when 18/22 came through.

    Success or failure in 20's doesn't predict long term Origin future as you claimed. How many series have New South Wales won over the last five years again?

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