The Ninth Immortal


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NRL boss Todd Greenberg has confirmed for the first time that a ninth rugby league Immortal will be chosen in 2018 — the first since the game’s governing body bought the intellectual property for the concept.

Speaking at the Courier-Mail newspaper’s NRL season launch, Greenberg said a new player would be inducted for the first time since 2012, when Andrew Johns was unveiled as the eighth Immortal.
“We made a conscious decision last year to purchase the IP rights for the Immortals,” Greenberg said.
“The Commission felt for a long time that it wasn’t under our banner and it should be, it now is. We will have a very diligent process around our Hall of Fame and ultimately on the election of an Immortal and you can stand by for some big announcements on that in the coming month.

“But rest assured there will be an election of an Immortal in 2018 and there will be a much greater diligent process about how that is unfolding. And a much more transparent process primarily for fans so they have an understanding of how we’re going to do this, but it’s a very big decision for the game.”

Has to be Locky right?

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The NRL will change the rules so JT and Smith can be in contention. And one of them will be picked.

It was a rule for Rugby League Week that the player must have been retired for 5 years. But there is nothing that says the NRL has to keep that rule.


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NRL will find a way to **** it up, and turn it into a giant Sydney circle jerk. They always do.


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The judges will be interesting. Last time it was the former editors of RLW, the Immortals themselves minus Beetson, Grant, Bennett, Hadley, Masters, Rothfield and Warren.

RLW editors won't have any relevance, another Immortal has died and Grant's not in the job.


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They will give it to Provan, paving the way for Smith and Thurston to be retired 5 years by the time they announce the next one lol. I wouldn't be against them giving it to Provan, as long as Locky was next in line though.


State of Origin Rep
Bennett was speaking at the launch today and said has to be Provan.


State of Origin Rep
Def think Mal would be in line before his brother.:righto:
Mmmmmm funny.

The thing that tips Mal over is his huge Origin contribution. Last time they said it was just on field as the criteria. If you can't count his Origin coaching then I think Mal slips back to just a very very good player.

Provan is on the trophy and 10 premierships in a row- that's pretty immortal and the other Dragons are already there.

Irvine- most tries ever and only man with 200- hard to deny that.

Bevan- Unbelievable scoring record but it's in England so might go against him.


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I think Provan, Bevan, Meninga and Irvine should be the top contenders.
I think Meninga. Bevan played in England but was he English? I think the current criteria is only Australian Test players are eligible.

I just think the hall of fame needs to be used more tbh.
Agree 100%. It's a disgrace the way the NRL has let the hall of fame slip into ruin. I'd much rather them amp up the Hall of Fame and quietly put the Immortals concept to bed.

It was a joke when Johns was allowed to jump the queue. Any relevance it had was gone. Not saying he didn't deserve it but there were guys mentioned here who have been retired for decades who should have received it first.

Here's a good article from Mascord explaining some flaws with the whole concept:

Would it surprise you to learn the Immortals began life as a RLW promotion to sell wine? Only in Rugby League could something like that become so revered and venerated.


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They should just release the other 8.

Proven, Coote, Messenger, Irvine, Meninga, Lockyer, Smith, Thurston.

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