The Ninth Immortal

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by broncsgoat, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Mascord has put up an article about the ninth Immortal. You can find it here:

    I think he's playing devil's advocate but it's worth a read. The NRL has let out some details on the new selection criteria.

    It looks like they'll be two immortals named and then another two every four years.

    Players that no-one alive today had seen play live will now be eligible. This is a change from the original concept.

    No details yet on whether they'll tinker with the minimum retirement limit (not a fan of - in fact, I think it should be longer maybe a decade even before a player could be considered) or if they'll open it up to non-Australian rep players (long overdue).

    Anyone else think it could be SBW named as our first international Immortal? There were rumours a few weeks ago of a possible RL comeback?
  3. Love the Inglis interview in that link.

    The stare he gave that reporter. The reporter kept digging for a response on the racial slur and Inglis had to say twice that he isn't talking about it, and then the stare.. The reporter shut up real quick.
    Why. Just **** WHY!!!!!! It's a minimum decade out of the game AFAIC and you name one when there's a genuine, rare talent. Not because you have to meet a **** quota. That's what the Hall of Fame should be for FFS
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    The AFL has it right. Players are inducted to the Hall of Fame every year, with 1 player every few years at most upgraded to 'Legend' status - 10, 20, 30 years after their initial induction. None of this flavour of the month bullshit with your Thurstons and Smiths already booked in years before they are even eligible.
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    When you guys gonna learn to expect disappointment? Do that and things look better in relation to the NRL.

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