Thurston to play round 1?



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Mar 4, 2008
Betting via TAB on the Titans - Cowboys game has been changed, the Titans have gone from 1.60 favourites to both teams being on $1.90, now Thurston has resumed full contact training yesterday so there may be some truth to it.
I'll still back the Titans. Even if Thurston does play he will be a bit underdone I think. The Titans will be nicely fired up.
I actually like the look of the Cows even without Thurston.

Titans backline looks light on to me.

Be a great clash to start the season and open the new Stadium, actually really looking forward to being there.
I think the Cows will win it regardless, the curse of the new stadium!

Honestly, you wouldn't want him coming back early. Any re-injury will set him, and the Cowboys' season, back a long way.

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