-OFFICIAL- TPJ Re-Signs with the Broncos


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The PR team don’t need to spin anything because if you listen to what he says he hasn’t said anything like what you inferred.

“They gave me good money, good money to move my parents up so now they don’t need to work and they can live with me and do my washing”

Why are you looking for a scandal that isn’t there?
I'm not but the media will.


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Lodge is a big fan of Pangai’s mother’s cooking, especially a Tongan dish called Lu where taro leaves are wrapped around meat and baked in coconut milk. “We always cook it every week for Lodgey because Lodgey loves that,” Pangai said, admitting his mother limits him to just one plate.

“I have one, Lodgey has three. That’s probably why I can play back-row and he can’t.”


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I hope that is the way the PR team spins it and might just tell TPJ to stop saying exactly what he thinks.
Honestly I watched the clip before your post and didn't think he was implying anything other than his new contract had put him in a position to take care of his parents financially. His previous contract was 1 year and the one before it was much smaller. I'll watch it again now and see if I missed something though.

Edit: "Wayne's not here so they gave me good money. Good money to move my parents up..."
The money was given to him, not to them. It's fine. It's all on the cap. I think he just wanted to segue into talking about having his mum doing his cooking and laundry because it plays well with the media.

Further edit: Pretty much what b4l said. I'm too slow a typist.
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To be honest, it would be funny if the media actually does try to spin it like Sproj said. Surely no one would buy it, and it would backfire like crazy.


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I doubt it's 600k, that'll be way unders. Ofengahue is on 800k and TPJ is way better than him. There are reports other clubs were willing to offer TPJ 1mill/year.

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