NEWS Wally Lewis Diagnosed with Dementia and Probable CTE

My bad, I thought it was something in relation to his playing career, whoops. Still awful though 😣
Who says it isn't, while the science hasn't caught up on MND regarding Professional sports players in NFL and Rugby(both codes), there is already studies showing the likelihood is increased.
The likelihood of;

broken bones
torn ligaments
torn muscles
etc etc etc

would also be increased by playing professional RL.
Not surprised Wally has epilepsy and has been diagnosed with Dementia and possibe CTE. In the 80's copping real hits to the head(not just hits in the tackle but actual punches) was far more common then it is even now and Lewis copped plenty(I remember one particular test match where he scores a try he is copping punches right to the head in the process of putting down the try, the ref just let it happen).

Be interesting to see what is made of this and what is said when it inevitable comes up on 360/commentary when Parker is on.

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