NEWS Wayne Bennett's refusal to leave Brisbane costs Broncos staffers lucrativecontract payouts.

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    Wayne Bennett’s refusal to leave Brisbane costs Broncos staffers lucrative contract payouts

    Wayne Bennett’s stubborn refusal to leave the Broncos has cost his most loyal lieutenants hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    The Sunday Mail can reveal three of Bennett’s key support staff missed out on six-figure payouts after the former Broncos coach reneged on a plan to swap clubs with South Sydney’s Anthony Seibold.
    The Broncos took the drastic measure of sacking their seven-time premiership winning coach on December 2 following a failed bid to orchestrate a coach swap with Seibold.
    As revealed by The Courier-Mail on Friday, Bennett is now suing the Broncos for $400,000 on top of the $385,000 he received from Brisbane for his “image rights”.
    Bennett’s decision affected more than just himself. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)
    Bennett’s 25-year association with the Broncos ended dramatically earlier this month when the six-month saga surrounding his future was brought to a head.
    In the days leading up to Bennett’s sacking, the Broncos and Rabbitohs worked tirelessly to orchestrate a palatable deal for Bennett, who had signed with South Sydney from 2020, to switch clubs immediately.
    The Broncos believed they had satisfied Bennett’s demands on November 30 when he was expected to agree to the swap.
    The Sunday Mail has learned part of the negotiations was for Bennett’s key football staff to receive lucrative payouts for the remainder of their contracts, given Seibold would bring his own staff to the club.
    Jason Demetriou joined Bennett at South Sydney. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
    Assistant coach Jason Demetriou and analyst Scott Barker were contracted until the end of the 2019 season, while performance boss Jeremy Hickmans had another two years at the club.
    The Broncos proposed the trio would be paid above what was contractually required if Bennett left the Broncos on his own terms.
    However Bennett, who last month declared he was not interested in a payout from the Broncos, did not agree to the deal, prompting Brisbane to sack him two days later.
    Bennett’s move saw the Broncos sever ties with Demetriou, Barker and Hickmans, who received minimal payouts, believed to be about one month’s salary, rather than what was originally proposed.
    Demetriou has landed on his feet by joining Bennett at South Sydney as his chief assistant, however Barker and Hickmans’ futures remain unclear.
    Seibold has appointed at least four new staff to his football department after joining the Broncos on a five-year deal.
    Source: Courier Mail
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  2. Great way to skew the facts. Why doesn't it say that the staff all received what they were ENTITLED to but missed out on an EXTRA BONUS they were never entitled to, never expecting and never knew was an option until it was dangled in front of them in a puerile attempt to pressure WB into doing something he didn't wish to. Shit reporting.
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  3. Rico

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    Thanks for the story @Gaz@Gaz.

    Wondering if there is support out there to wrap this tit for tat shit up by say NYE?

    I’m fu$ken over it and would be happy enough for no further Bennett v broncos crap. We’ve got a lot to look forward to next season and would rather discuss other stuff.
  4. Alec

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    You better believe it's not going to end while it's profitable to sub-par journalists and the NRL.
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  5. The Broncos could make the payout still, if they wanted to

    So it's not Wayne who is costing them the payout, it's the Broncos

    More shit journalism
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  6. Allo

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    Also showing that Wayne was happy for them to be collateral in the end.
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  7. That's a choice for you. Just stick to your guns and not comment or have an opinion you wish to divulge.
  8. So it was an incentive for Wayne to leave the club on the terms he was apparently demanding, but it's the Broncos fault he reneged and the staff didn't get the extra payment... that'll do me.
  9. Reneged? He wanted to coach the Bronco's! He didn't want to go to Souths. It was the Bronco's and Souths that wanted the change. He could only renege if he agreed ffs. He wanted to fulfill his contract. It was an incentive designed to put pressure on WB and make him feel obligated to leave so that others could benefit and failure to agree would cause them to lose. It looks like a tactic. WB said, **** you. His staff didn't lose anything, they never had it in the first place.
  10. big k

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    If he wanted to coach the Broncos in 2019 why was he planning the Rabbitohs 2019 pre season? Why was he making contact with Rabbitoh players etc? Bennett has done the opposite to so much he has preached in public. You're making Bennett out to be some innocent victim in all this. When push come to shove all Bennett's talk about being concerned about his assistants and it not being about money has gone right out the window. Bennett in the end only cares about Bennett
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    Seriously. A payment above what was contractually required? How does that make sense? They wanted him gone and found a way. Whilst some would like to think of demetriou and company as "Bennet's people", they were employed by the broncos, not bennet. They could have done a lot better by those people and fake payments for the sake of PR is not one of them.
    These people did NOTHING wrong and are now on top of being unceremoniously dumped, are used as pawns in a PR game between the club, NEWSCORP, and bennet.
    What does this say about the club's integrity that it would use these people in such a way and then brag about it?
    We need to look to the FUTURE not dwell in the angst and pettiness of the past. The more this drags out the worse it will get for this club. They have the opportunity to do so now and I think it would be money well spent.
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    You missed the part where he didn't agree to the deal , short sited much?
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  13. big k

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    Whilst there was still talk on here the media had kinda moved on until Wayne "It's not about the money" Bennett decided he wanted more money.
  14. Cult3

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    He said that before he was sacked though
  15. It's always the same on here. Many misrepresent what was written, set up strawmen to knock down and all the while their petty jealousy drives their narrative. So many of WBs detractors simply are so blinded by their jealousy they cannot consider things in a reasoned way. Endlessly they see fault, blaming WB for simply wanting what's owed or making unsubstantiated claims that WB was planning Souths preseason and contacting players. They are allegations not facts until proven. I don't believe WB is completely innocent but in my opinion, more sinned against than sinner.
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  16. Morkel


    People are also missing the fact that he maintained all along that he would not quit. Any agreement to move would be agreeing to quit.
  17. broncsgoat

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    Because he thought he was going to get punted?
  18. His life history completely negates this point of view

    Bennett, when looking at 50 years, not 6 months, by all reports is a good (not perfect) man

    There are times when he has made selfish decisions (like walking out on his marriage) and perhaps spiteful decisions (suing the Broncos for the $400k), but these appear to be the exception, not the rule

    Who amongst us hasn't made a selfish or angry decision from time to time? We all do, and we don't deserve to have our character defined by the 1 bad decision out of 10 we make.

    Bennett is no different

    And finally, let's cut out this silly notion that because Bennett is suing the Broncos it proves he is all about the money

    Again this is short sighted

    When someone with no money sues, it is likely to be about money but when someone with loads of cash sues, it likely isn't

    Sure it might be, I don't know for sure, but it certainly doesn't prove the point either way

    As an alternative, why can't he be suing out of anger or spite?

    Wayne wanted to stay coaching the Broncos, they punted him, and he feels angry about it

    This is his final FU to the Board

    Of course if it IS about anger/spite that doesn't make it right......just showing that suing doesn't prove that he is all about the money
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  19. big k

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    So in playing to get punted he handed them a reason to punt him... he is either a moron or did it deliberately, which is your money on?
  20. big k

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    It didn't take him long to go back on his word and take legal action. If he hadn't breached his contract he may still been sacked or may still be there who knows. One thing is though many people in life and sport have ruined long standing reputations with acts and behavior over a short period.

    I have a feeling this isn't going to be the end of it. I have no doubt bennett will do everything he can to keep this going in the media and disrupt the Broncos season as much as he can. How bad would he look when Seibold takes the Broncos minus Sims, McGuire and Thaiday further than he did.
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